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Fast CCD Photometry (fcp) with ALFOSC -- Hardware setup (staff only)

The windowed mode readout used to obtain fast photometry requires a modified version of the CCD controller programs. This is available on a spare controller board (fcp-sequencer board) that can be installed in the ALFOSC CCD controller. This control software is compatible with the old version, and BIAS has no problems running on this. To check in BIAS if the board that is currently in the controller is the windowing or standard version, check the "CAM_ID" field in the BIAS display. If it says "EEV42-40, 2Kx2K " it is the standard Copenhagen version, if it says "E2V42-40 Roy v1.5" it is the Roy (Tromso) C-version with windowing option.

Swapping boards

  1.  Control room: Exit from ALFOSC BIAS.
  2.  Observing floor: Switch off the ALFOSC CCD controller.
  3.  Get the fcp-sequencer board (the one with the fibre connectors). -
    • This can be found in the righthand cupboard on the observing floor, still mounted in the old HiRAC 64x64 controller.
    • Take the whole controller over to ALFOSC.
    • Unscrew the board (two screws hand tight) and pull it out gentle.
  4. Place this board on top of ALFOSC with the component side up, such that the component pins make contact with the metal top of ALFOSC to protect it from possible static.
  5. Move the metal bracket on the front of the ALFOSC controller so you can pull out the board.
    • Remove the lower screw completely 
    • Loosen the upper screw and turn the bracket out the way. 
  6. Carefully disconnect the fibres remembering to note which one goes to which connector.
  7. Unscrew the sequencer board and pull out by pushing the handle on the right of the board, sideways and out.
  8. Put this board into the HiRAC controller where you took the spare board from. Make sure you have it the right way round and that you align the board correctly with the slides on the inside of the controller. Push it down firmly but don't both screwing it in.
  9. Plug the fcp-sequencer board into the ALFOSC controller. Again make sure you have it the right way up and that you align the board correctly with the slides on the inside of the controller. Push it in firmly and tighten the screws. 
  10. Carefully connect the fibres. The holes in the front metal plate of the board do not necessarily align exactly with the fibre connectors, so take care and don't force them.
  11. Replace the metal bracket, correctly.
  12. Return the HiRAC controller to the cupboard.
  13. Switch on the controller and check the temperature display gives a sensible reading (e.g. ~ -120C).

Software startup

For a description on how to start the software, see the startup guide or the tcpcom guide.

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