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ALFOSC permanent set-up for P56

All the wheels in ALFOSC have 8 positions, 7 of which can be used for optical components while the 8th must remain `free'. For operational reasons and for Target-of-Opportunity and/or monitoring programs as approved by the NOT Observing Programs Committee (OPC), several of the positions in each wheel must have a fixed set-up as listed below.

During Nordic observing nights (i.e., any observing run for proposals with numbers in the range 001-199) the elements marked `ToO' should be installed at all times. The only exception would be if the regular observing program as approved by the OPC specifically requested more optical elements in the proposal form than there are slots available. Note that any modifications made later in the NIRF (the `NOT Instrument set-up Request Form' that is sent to observers approx. 1 month before the start of their observing run) must leave the `ToO' set-up intact.

The most used spectral ToO setup is Grism #4 with Slit_1.0, so it is best to not take those items out ever.
The 10.0 arcsec slit is intended as mask for use with the WeDoWo and can be removed if the WeDoWo is not mounted.

For Spanish CAT (numbers 201-299) and ITP (numbers 301-399) proposals the elements marked `ToO' can be changed without any limitations.

Optical elements which should be available at all times
FASU A: SDSS u #109 (ToO)
FASU A: SDSS g #120 (ToO)
FASU A: SDSS r #110 (ToO)
FASU A: SDSS i #111 (ToO)
FASU A: SDSS z #112 (ToO)
FASU A or B: blocking filter #94 WG345 356_LP (ToO)
FASU FAPOL: lambda/2 (Mon)
Aperture wheel, eight slots
Calcite (Mon)
1.0 arcsec long slit (ToO)
1.3 arcsec long slit (ToO)
0.5 arcsec long slit (Mon)
1.8 arcsec long slit (ToO)
10.0 arcsec long slit (ToO)
Grism wheel, eight slots
focus pyramid
WeDoWo (ToO)
Grism #4 (ToO)
Grism #18 (ToO, Mon)
Grism #3 (ToO)
Grism #7 (ToO)
Filter wheel, eight slots
U#7 (ToO)
B#74 (ToO)
V#75 (ToO)
R#76 (ToO)
i#12 (ToO)
Grism #11 (ToO)

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