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MOSMOVE (Sep2005)       Nordic_Optical_Telescope       MOSMOVE (Sep2005)

    mosmove -- Perform the move of the telescope in order to  align  the
    MOS mask with the object field.
    mosmove [TCS access code]
    TCS accesscode
        The  access  code for the TCS. This parameter is learned and the
        user is prompted for it if it is absent.
        Verbose yes/no. If set to 'no' no text output is generated.  The
        parameter is hidden.
        The  absolute  path of the file containing the values written by
        the mostweak task.  This  file  will  be  written  in  the  same
        directory  as  the  'ldsstweak'  FORTRAN  program  used  by  the 
        mostweak task. The parameter is hidden.
    Offset program
        The absolute path to the program 'teloffset'. Normally found  in
        '/usr/local/bin'. The parameter is hidden.
    Rotation program
        The  absolute path to the program 'MOS-rotation'. Normally found
        in '/usr/local/bin'. The parameter is hidden.
    IP address
        The IP address of the TCS  computer.  Normally  The
        parameter is hidden.
    This  task  moves  the telescope in RA and DEC and changes the field
    rotation. The amount of these movements are the ones  found  by  the
    last  run of the mostweak task.  It is not necesary to to supply any
    information apart from  the  access  code  to  this  task.  All  the
    telescope  movement values are stored in a file by the mostweak task
    and then read by this task.  The task uses  the  UNIX  command  line
    programs  'teloffset'  and  'MOS-rotation'.  These programes must be
    present and the path to them set (see parameters).
    Simply type the task name and press enter
    The task will prompt you for the TCS access  code.  If  it  has  not
    changed just press enter.
    Remember  to  restart  auto-guiding  afterwards. At the TCS console,
    type: rel-auto.
    A lot less than doing it by hand.
    email Jacob W. Clasen (,
    for bug reports and constructive remarks
    mostweak, mosstrong

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