WeDoWo polarimetry supposes the one shot imaging procedure, very easy and quick to perform if a good flat field and a good zero polarization standard has been obtained. It is useful in the case you are interested to observe a star object with only one shoot.


With the 10 arc-second slit the FOV is 10 arcsec times the length of the slit.

Set the CCD Window (afternoon by the observer):


Note that it is recommended to take the polarization standards with the same field-rotation angle as your science frames.

Telescope focus:

The best focus with the "WeDoWo+ no filter" is about +40 TCS focus units greater ('tcs.foc-del +40') than the one with "no filter".

Target acquisition:

Imaging Setup (by staff):

The WeDoWo should be installed in the grism wheel in such a way that it splits the beam vertically. When inserting it in the slot, the element's dividing line should be horizontal. Install the 10 arc-second wide slit horizontally in the aperture wheel. In editsetup select WeDoWo with orientation Horizontal and and Slit_10.0" with orientation Horizontal.