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Changing calibration lamps in FASU

  • Start the ALFOSC sequencer
  • Switch on the lamp in question
  • Go up to the dome to see if the light is on or off. You may have to take the lamp out of the housing.

    On the electronics units, at the side facing the emergency exit, there are red buttons with which you can locally switch off the lamps if needed.

  • If the lamp is broken, switch off the power (either with the software in the control room or with the red button).
  • Replace by a new lamp. New lamps are kept in the optics cupboard in the electronics room.

    Do not touch the glass part of the lamp. Use optical paper if necesary.

  • Switch on the new lamp and check that the red button switch is allowing the software to control the lamp.
  • Edit the FITS header information (see below).
  • Find out how many spares we still have left.
  • Write a fault report, and mention how many spares we still have left.

Edit the FITS header information

  • Open the web page http://ops-db/phpmyadmin/
  • Log in as an user that can update tables (ask the computer group)
  • Click on "Operations" in the panel at the left.
  • Click on "ALFOSCheader" in the panel at the left
  • Click on the "Browse" tab
  • Type "300" in the box at the right of the "Show" button, and click it.
  • Find the line with the calibration lamp ID (CLAMPID1, CLAMPID2, CLAMPID3 or CLAMPID4) and click the pencil symbol to edit.
  • Change the text in the "VALUE" line
  • In the grey box below (where at says "Save and then go back to the previous page"), click "Go" to save the changes.
  • Click on the "Exit" symbol in the panel at the left to exit.

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