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OLD ALFOSC Software Startup Procedure

Valid untill: August 7. 2007

It is also possible to use the Sequencer system.

  1. Go to the computer called lisa

  2. Press the key combination CTRL-ALT-F4 (marked with "DS9") and wait for the display to show something again.

  3. Click on the line
    '       Willing to manage'

  4. Click on Accept.

  5. Log in with username obs. Password will be supplied by the staff.

  6. Click on the "Foot" Icon that is located in the toolbar in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    In the menuitem "Programs" click on the subitem "Start ALFOSC BIAS" to start ALFOSC BIAS.

    In the menuitem "Programs", click on the subitem "Start the rest of the ALFOSC Control Software" to start the ALFOSC instrument control, the FAPOL user interface and the postprocessing control User Interface.

    The data will be saved in /data/alfosc and will have the format ALph160001.fits, where 'AL' is the image prefix for ALFOSC images, 'ph' is for 2006/August, '16' is for the date 16 in the month and '0001' is a running number.

  7. If the Instrument Control Software should ever need to be restarted, just press the start icon (see above) and all programs will be terminated and started again.

  8. To start the ALFOSC electronic observation log: In an xterm type
       cd /data/alfosc followed by
       obslog-alfosc ALnnmm\*.fits &
    where "nnmm" is the image prefix of the night.

  9. To end the session, type exit in the BIAS CCD command window and press the EXIT button in the ALFOSC graphical user interface.

  10. To exit the ALFOSC postprocess interface click on the square with the horizontal bar located in the upper left corner of the window, and select "Close" from the menu.

  11. To exit the FAPOL interface, do as described above.

  12. To exit the ALFOSC Obs Log, press escape in the frame of the ALFOSC Obs Log window.

  13. Log out of the computer: In the desktop toolbar, press the icon with the foot and select "Log Out" Then select Really log out -> Yes.

  14. For manual start of BIAS and the ALFOSC user interface see the end of this page.

Please note also:

It is possible to start the relevant programs "by hand".

  • BIAS CCD Control:

    In an xterm type cd alfosc and startba_ds9. The previous version of BIAS is available with the command startba.

  • ALFOSC User Interface:

    In an xterm type alfosc-interface.

  • The FAPOL graphical user interface can be manually started with the command:


  • The ALFOSC postprocess graphical user interface can be manually started with the command:


Made by Jacob Clasen

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