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Images of FIES and related things

Moving FIES to new building

Spectrograph, more photos of spectrograph 14 May 2020

Old grating mount

New grating tank

Bottom calibration Unit, and more Pictures from Bottom Calibration Unit

Telescope adapter

Bundle D and new frontend

Recoating of spectrograph mirrors 2021

More FIES-related pictures:
top calibration unit,
fiber slit,
exposure meter,
solar box,
dewar & CCD,

Drawings of FIES and related things

ADC version 1
ADC version 2

Fiber viewing

Top calibration box
Top calibration unit: fiber mask
Top calibration unit: calibration arm
Top calibration unit: housing and gearbox

Fiber unit: optics
Fiber unit: fiber head
Fiber unit: input V-block
Fiber unit: output V-block

Spectrograph: alignment
Spectrograph: diverse
Spectrograph: dustcover
Spectrograph: enclosure
Spectrograph: lenses
Spectrograph: objective
Spectrograph: old grating mount

Exposure meter (drawing out of date)


Bottom calibration unit: lamp housing

Old fiber unit (pre FIES-building era):
Fiber unit
Output V-block

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