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The FIES fiber shaker web camera

The fiber shaker can be viewed using Florence. See these instructions.

Please always use the camera to verify that the fiber is moving freely, and that it is really switched off after use.

The FIES fiber shaker

This page described the second-generation fiber shaker, a renovated foot-massage unit. The FIES fiber shaker is situated under the metal galery in the basement of the telescope.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 (best)

Using the FIES fiber shaker

The shaker's electronics are accessible through our ethernet network. Graham provided a script that accesses the fiber shaker; the script is located in ~staff/FIES/ on verushka, and supports the shake- and the vibration modes of the device. The shaker speed in foot_moverORM is reversed wrt fies.shaker; please use the latter to operate the device.

There is a sequencer command called fies.shaker that should be used to switch the shaker on or off. Note that this only supports the shake mode (low frequency, high amplitude), the vibration mode is not yet implemented in the sequencer.

  fies.shaker  <speed>     with speed in [off,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]

The slowest speed (speed=1) corresponds to ??Hz, and the fastest speed (speed=9) corresponds to about 3.5 Hz. There is no timer so it will run forever, or until the machine falls a part, you give a stop command fies.shaker off, or until the power is cut.

The electronics do not yet allow status queries, this is planned for the near future. In any case, use the web camera to check that all is fine when shaking, and that the shaker is really switched-off after use.

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