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FIES CCD Controller remote power cycle HowTo

In the FIES fron room on the shelf above the Cryo Tiger compressor, you find a small black box. This is the remotely controlled 220V power "bar". The FIES CCD controller power is connected to its port number 1. On the backside it is possible to turn the power bar (and thus the CCD controller) off manually.

Normally, you want to use commands to turn the CCD controller on or off remotely.

These are the commands to use

  • fies.ccdcontroller_on
    Turns on the power to the FIES CCD controller.

  • fies.ccdcontroller_off
    Turns off the power to the FIES CCD controller. Note that this command will only turn off the power if the FIES observing system is not running.
These commands can be executed both from a sequencer terminal and a normal terminal on the computers varushka, tessa and marissa. These commands are not aliased, and are for staff use only.

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