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Mounting HiRAC

HiRAC Mounting:

In advance, any other instrument must be removed from telescope adapter.

  1. Push in the red emergency button in the dome, to lock the telescope.
  2. Take off the instrument cover plate
  3. Find and roll HiRAC under the adapter
  4. Raise the HiRAC towards the adapter by lifting the carrier using its 3 bolts
  5. Get the proper bolts from the bolts box, again by reading the note at the longitude pier.
  6. Secure HiRAC to adapter with the bolts.
  7. Lower and remove the carriage.
  8. Tighten the bolts
  9. Connect the following cables:
    • Four RS-232 optic fiber cables to the adapter controller box positions F2 and F3 according to the notes on the cables. Red to red and blue to blue. Be careful while removing fibre insulators. Store the two spare optic fibres in a safe way.
    • Main 220 V cable to the mains outlet on the adaptor.
    • The RS232 with the blue plug to the multiplexer box on the adaptor.
    • The F3 fiber goes to the PC-card in elizabeth with base address 0x520, while the F2 fiber goes to the PC-card in elizabeth with base address 0x540.
    • Remember to switch off power to the piezos if tip/tilt is not going to be used.
  10. Turn power of all units on.
  11. Make sure that cables have been tied up properly.
  12. If tip/tilt is going to be used, set up the Guide camera:
    • Connect the cooling pump for the guide camera. This involves mounting the cooling pump base the the coold block in the service hole for the az motor and connecting and turning on the power to the cooling pump.
    • Turn on the power supply for the peltier cooler in the guide camera. Current should be ~2amps, voltage ~10V. Ideally the camera should be pumped before doing this.
  • Release the red emergency button in the dome, to unlock the telescope.

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