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MOSCA scripts

The easiest way to observe with MOSCA is using scripts, however one can use the "normal" exp-command and change the filters "by hand". Most likely the observation is split into a several exposures and dithered. Using a script, the FASU filter wheels are controlled from the UNIX command line (in the script there is a leading '!').

--Append the object to the end of the current TCS catalogue.
--A modified version of 'goto-object'. Waits for the guidestar to have settled in the center of the guidebox before returning the prompt to the user.
mosca.fasua 1
-- Select FASU wheel A position 1 (0-6)
mosca.fasub 4
-- Select FASU wheel B position 4 (0-6)
mosca.expose 10
-- Make a 10 sec exposure
mosca.teloffset 10 10
--Offsets the telescope in seconds of arc in detector x and y direction, e.g. if you want to move a star from the centre of the FOV (the cross) to the centre of the bottom left hand CCD do "teloffset -120 -120". Note that teloffset works with any field angle.

An example script:

tcs.append-object Big_star 12 13 114 +15 16 17 2000 0 0 0 Big_star
mosca.bin 2 2
mosca.fasua 1
mosca.fasua 0
mosca.focus-delta +60
mosca.object 'my target'
mosca.expose 200
mosca.teloffset 15 15
mosca.expose 200
mosca.fasua 0
mosca.fasua 3
mosca.focus-delta +120
mosca.expose 200
mosca.teloffset 15 15
mosca.expose 200

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