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Start-up NOTCam

Sequencer version

  1. On the terminal lisa login to marissa with username obs. Password from staff.

  2. Open up two xterms. In one of them startup the NOTCam data acquisition system by typing startobssys notcam. The other xterm should be used if/when you want to shut down the system with the command shutdownobssys notcam.

  3. A window pops up asking for the TCS access code. Find the code on the TCS by typing sh 1 for show page 1, and the access code number is shown on the top of the page. Type it in. If you type the wrong code a red error message appears and you must try again. All the NOTCam software (BIAS, the UIF, and the postprocessing control) will now start up.

  4. BIAS comes up with three windows as usual, one DS9 display, one status window, and one command window which now is used only to output messages. Note! You can not give any commands in the BIAS command window when running the SEQUENCER!

  5. The UIF comes up with two windows. One status view and one for manually selecting wheel entries by clicking on menus and items. If the UIF wheel status is "Not initialized", then you have to click on the Initialize menu on the UIF menu selection window, and thereafter click on Init all movements or you may want to initialize one wheel at a time.

  6. Open another xterm, go to the data directory /data/notcam and type e.g. obslog-notcam NCpb07\* & to start the electronic observing log. The prefix "NCpb07" is an example for NOTCam (NC) data on the 07.02.2006. Use the prefix for the current day.

  7. Commands are given in the Sequencer Terminal. The default startup directory is /home/softremote/obs/ and you should type cd scripts where you should find your own directory coded by proposal number. Go there, for instance cd 37-057, and find your previously made and stored scripts. You can also copy the available NOTCam scripts (cp ../notcam-seq/* .) to your own directory where you may edit them to your own needs.

  8. Another window, called the Talker, shows you a running log of what is happening, possible warnings and errors. Check in the Talker that the program has started up without problems and is ready for commands.

Check the NOTCam step-by-step observing guide for how to proceed with NOTCam observing.

Old procedure (before 2008)

  1. Login to marissa through the lisa terminal. User: obs

  2. Change directory to cd notcam and start BIAS by the command startbn.

  3. Start the UIF by giving the command notcam-interface. Note that you have to put in valid elements in the optical path before you can save test image files, otherwise the fits header keywords will not be valid.

  4. If you need to run the instrument from a lower level, exit the UIF and type telnet 4001. Follow the instructions in the binder called NOTCam electronics (usually in the Service Building staff office shelf) for how to proceed.

  5. Start the NOTcam postprocessing interface, using the command notcam-postproc.

  6. If you want another filename than the default corresponding to current date set e.g. filename test0001 in BIAS. Files will be saved in:
    which is physically on the RAID disc. The data is normally copied to DVD+R's. The Florence disc remote mount point is

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