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FITS related software on elena (raid server):

All routines have been installed in /home/fits/bin.


Not2mef transforms data files into MEF, adds many important FITS header and provides solutions for most of the problems mentioned on the NOT FITS page.
  • MEF data formats for NOTCAM (non-desctructive read-out mode) and MOSCA data
  • nominal WCS FITS header information for all imaging instruments (ALFOSC, NOTCAM, STANCAM, MOSCA)
  • STANCAM and NOTCAM imaging data also in North-up East-left orientation
  • ISO8601-compliant date and time information for start and midpoint of the integration
  • all FITS headers in recommended formats

General FITS utility routines

to verify, edit, and manipulate FITS files.
  • fitsverify - verify whether the data format and header information of FITS data files comply with the FITS Standard.
  • fitscopy - copy a file with optional filtering
  • listhead - list header keywords
  • liststruc - list the structure of a FITS file.
  • modhead - write or modify a header keyword
  • imcopy - copy an image with optional compression/decompression
  • imarith - add, subtract, multiply, or divide 2 images
  • imlist - list pixel values in an image
  • imstat - compute statistics of image pixels
  • tablist - display the contents of a FITS table
  • tabcalc - general table calculator
  • tabmerge - merge rows from one table with another table.
  • cookbook - additional example routines.

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