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STANCAM Sequencer manual start and other goodies for specialists

Manual start

  1. On the Chooser click on the line

    ' Willing to manage'

  2. Log in with username 'obs'. Password is the standard one.

  3. In an xterm start the TCS UIF

    /usr/local/bin/tcsdisplay &

  4. In an xterm start the STANCAM BIAS

    cd stancam

    startbs seq

  5. In an xterm start the postprocess interface


  6. In an xterm start the observing log


  7. In an xterm give the following commands

    setenv TCSACCESSCODE 1234567 (with the correct code)

    source ~/seq.aliases

    Now you can use the sequencer commands in this xterm

Manual Stop

  1. Type stancam.exit to exit the BIAS program.

  2. Exit the postprocessing interface and the TCS UIF by clicking on the [X] icon in the top right corner of the window frame.

  3. Exit the observing log by pressing ESC and click OK.

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