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StanCam is mounted in a folded Cassegrain focus and kept cool using CryoTiger. It is used as an optical imaging instrument when ALFOSC or MOSCA is not mounted and also as a FIES fiber viewer. StanCam is less sensitive and has smaller field of view than ALFOSC. It is used e.g. Target-of-Opportunity programmes (when ALFOSC or MOSCA is not mounted), longterm monitoring when the date of observign and the stability of the instrument are important and obtaining (almost) simultaneous UBVRIJHK photometry when used with NOTCam.

General Characteristics:

Orientation: Field -90, North-Right East-Down; Field 0 , North-Up East-Right,
Zero points: U:23.8; B:25.7; V:25.4; R:25.3; I:24.5 Exposure Time Calculator
Setup: UBVRI filters + three optional filters
Filters: 51mm square or 60mm round NOT Optical Filters
Default focus: 23040
Default TCS TV-focus: 430
Default focus offset: NOTCam K vs StanCam R: -380; SOFIN vs StanCam RYYY; ALFOSC "no-filter" vs StanCam R: -260;
MOSCA R vs StanCam R: -100 ;
Changing from NOTCam to StanCam: 1 min
Array: TEK 1024x1024 back-side illuminated thinned CCD (see for more about CCD1 )
Pixel size/scale: 24, 0.176"/pixel
Field of view: 3' x 3'
Read-noise: 6.5 e-/pixel (see StanCam Quality Monitoring for latest measurement)
Gain: 1.68 e-/ADU (see StanCam Quality Monitoring for latest measurement)
Dark current: ~ 1 ADU / 20 minutes
Typical bias level: ~340 ADU (see StanCam Quality Monitoring for latest measurement)
Read-out time: 43 seconds (full frame), 16 seconds (2x2 binning)
It is possible to bin the pixels and read-out only a window in order to speed up the read out time

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