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Dismounting Turpol

  1. In the control room make sure that the high-voltages (both UBV and RI) are turned down to zero. The UBV is to the right of the CAMAC crate, the RI one is integrated in the CRATE. Then turn off both high voltage power switches.

  2. Switch off the CAMAC crate power (switch is at the lower left of the box).

  3. Go to the dome and switch off the Turpol cooling unit (two red light switches) and unplug its power cable.

  4. Switch off the power on the Turpol instrument polarimeter head. This switch is labelled power, and the direction of ON is indicated.

  5. Disconnect the Turpol power cable and the ST4 TV camera power cord from the mains in the adapter. DO NOT DISCONNECT ANY OTHER CABLE/WIRE FROM TURPOL.

  6. Put the Turpol trolley under the instrument flange and raise it up to the top. Unscrew the green(!) bolts. Place the cooling unit on the lower part of the trolley. Lower the trolley and move it to its storage place. Activate the trolley brakes and fix the Turpol wooden lid. Then cover the whole instrument with the black dust cover. Leave the long cables nicely under the cable protecting metal structure on the dome floor.

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