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Nordic Optical Telescope

The NOT team is very sad to announce that our friend and colleague Johannes Andersen died yesterday, Tuesday, April 28.

Johannes has been an extremely important person in the history of NOT, being many years member of the NOT Council, and being its director from 2002 till 2013. In the Council, but even more so as director, Johannes has been instrumental in making NOT a modern, flexible and highly efficient telescope that has a scientific output that rivals larger facilities.

More importantly, he was a very nice person who truly cared about the people he worked with, and he has made sure that working at the NOT is not only satisfying professionally, but also very pleasant.

Johannes will not only be missed by us, but by many people here in Spain, in Denmark and the rest of the (astronomical) world.

Our special thoughts go out to his wife, children and grandchildren.

The NOT would like to acknowledge and express its profound gratitude for the many messages received from Spain and the rest of the (astronomical) world, expressing their condolences, and their appreciation of Johannes as a friendly person, an eminent scientist, and a tireless worker for the NOT and its staff.

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