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This list contains MSc theses which are (partly) based on NOT data.
(Note, the list is probably not complete.)

  1. García Santiago, Alfonso
    Cambio de estado en el sistema binario de rayos gamma LSI+61303 a través de fotometría VRI
    2017, Valencian International university

  2. Villate Rodríguez, Mauricio Fernando
    Determinaci├│n del movimiento orbital de HMXRBs a trav├ęs de velocidades radiales espectrales
    2017, Valencian International University

  3. Saario, Joonas
    Spectroscopic Studies of Fermi LAT Blazars
    2016, University of Turku

  4. Khansari, Marzieh
    Near-infrared observations of supernovae with the Nordic Optical Telescope
    2016, University of Turku

  5. Franzen, Christoph
    Using Background OH Airglow from astronomical Observations for atmospheric Research: A Proof of Concept
    2015, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

  6. Paco Ruiz de Peralta y Medina
    Fotopolarimetria y Sistemas Binarios de Rayos X
    2015, Valencian Internacional University

  7. Harmanen, J.
    Supernovan 2011ap kehitys lähiultravioletista infrapunaan (Evolution of SN 2011ap from near-UV to IR)
    2014, University of Turku

  8. Sanghvi, J.
    The low-mass end of the black hole-host galaxy mass relation in quasars at 0.5 < z < 1.0
    2013, University of Turku

  9. Kangas, T.
    Supernovien populaatio ja edeltäjätähdet starburst-galakseissa (Population of SNe and progenitor stars in starburst galaxies)
    2012, University of Turku

  10. Frimann, S.
    Analysis of the rapidly oscillating Ap Star KIC10195926
    2012, University of Aarhus

  11. Lykke, J.M.
    Age determination of delta Sct stars and solar-like stars
    2012, University of Aarhus

  12. Kiaeerad, F.S.
    H-alpha and Ly-alpha emitters characteristics at redshift 2.23
    2012, Stockholm University

  13. Thygesen, A.
    Fundamental parameters of a sample of red giants in the Kepler field
    2012, University of Aarhus

  14. Hansen, T.
    Formation of the Heavy Elements in the Early Universe
    2011, University of Copenhagen

  15. Ottosen, T.
    DS And & the TAMS case AL Leo: two unique eclipsing binaries
    2011, University of Aarhus

  16. Krog, B.
    Lya Emitting Galaxy-building Objects in Chandra Deep Field South
    2008, University of Aarhus

  17. Aarflot, H.
    Massefunksjonen for galaksehoper, nøytrinomasser og inflasjon
    2008, University of Oslo

  18. Stranius, N.
    Colors of structural components in lenticular galaxies
    2008, University of Oulu

  19. Nielsen, T. B.
    Age determination of open clusters with the Bayesian approach
    2007, University of Aarhus

  20. Oppegaard, C.
    A systematic search for gravitationally lensed quasars
    2007, University of Oslo

  21. Selj, J. H.
    Spectroscopic analysis of GRB 060526
    2007, University of Oslo

  22. Paraficz, D.
    Time delay and microlensing research of the gravitationally lensed quasars
    2006, University of Copenhagen

  23. Duro, R.
    AGN-selected fields as revealed by weak lensing and photometry
    2006, University of Oslo

  24. Holen, H.
    Fotometriske undersøkelser av QSO 0957+561 A,B
    2006, University of Oslo

  25. Ji Dai, Z.
    Observation Pertubation Method Applied to Near-Earth Asteroids
    2006, University of Oslo

  26. Lysfjord, N.
    AGN-selected clusters as revealed by weak lensing: MOSCA data
    2006, University of Oslo

  27. Vornanen, T.
    Spectropolarimetry of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
    2006, University of Turku

  28. Fohlman, M.
    Co and Mn abundance trends for 72 F and G dwarfs in the solar neighbourhood
    2005, Lund University

  29. Lietzen, H.
    Estimation of the cluster mass for the BL Lac object RGB 1745+398

  30. Ytre-Eide, M.
    Estimating cluster masses with gravitational lensing and photometric effects
    2005, University of Oslo

  31. Hansen, M.W
    Mutual Events of the Galilean satellites 1997, 2002 and 2003
    2004, University of Oslo

  32. Hyvönen, T.
    Evolution of BL Lac host galaxies
    2004, University of Turku

  33. Egholm, M.
    Ly-alpha emission in the field of Q0823+147
    2003, University of Aarhus

  34. Hjalmarsdotter, L.
    Cygnus X-3 - A Multiwavelength Study
    2003, Stockholm Observatory

  35. Evans, A. K. D.
    Deconvolution photometry of QSO 0957+561 A,B
    2003, University of Oslo

  36. Pasanen, M.
    Redshifts of RGB BL Lacs
    2003, University of Turku

  37. Weidinger, M.
    Ly-alpha emission at high redshift
    2003, University of Aarhus

  38. Haavisto, T.
    Optical and near-infrared study of the hot spots in the radio galaxy 3C 390.3
    2002, University of Turku

  39. Christensen, L.B.
    Host Galaxies of Gamma-Ray Bursts
    2002, University of Copenhagen

  40. Jakobsson, P.
    Determining the Hubble Constant from the Gravitational Lens FBQ 0951+2635
    2002, University of Copenhagen

  41. Järvinen, A.
    Spectrum of optical afterglow of gamma ray burst 01022
    2002, University of Oulu

  42. Kjernsmo, K.
    Gravitational microlensing of quasar clouds : detectability in a worst-case scenario
    2002, University of Oslo

  43. Ovaldsen, J.-E.
    New aperture and PSF photometry of QSO 0957+561A,B: application to time delay and microlensing
    2002, University of Oslo

  44. Shafeitel, T.
    EGRET blazar host galaxies
    2002, University of Turku

  45. Grav, T.
    The orbital motion of periodic comet 46P/Wirtanen
    2001, University of Oslo

  46. Lundqvist, M.
    S-process elements in the red supergiant alpha orionis
    2001, Lund University

  47. Rönty, T.
    Nonaxisymmetric magnetic structures in RS Canum Venaticorum-type stars
    2001, University of Oulu

  48. Vinther, J.
    Fotometri med HST WFPC2. Aldersbestemmelse af fire metalrige kuglehobe
    2001, University of Aarhus

  49. Kragelund, J.
    Radiale gradienter af forekomsten af O, N og Ar i NGC 6946
    2000, University of Aarhus

  50. Toft, S.
    Measuring Extra-galactic Extinction Curves with Gravitational Lensing
    2000, University of Copenhagen

  51. Irgens, R. J.
    Virial Mass Determinations of Clusters of Galaxies
    1999, University of Oslo

  52. Knudsen, K.K.
    Dust in Damped Ly-alpha Absorbers
    1999, University of Copenhagen

  53. Laakkonen, T.
    Wind and shell features in the spectrum of the FUor V1057 Cygni
    1999, University of Oulu

  54. King, S.P.
    CO in the Spiral Galaxy IC 342
    1998, University of Copenhagen

  55. Seminovas, D.
    Modelling of the accretion disc spectra in AM CVn systems
    1998, University of Tromsø

  56. Aarum, V.
    Study of starspots on UX arietis using doppler imaging
    1997, University of Oslo

  57. Burud, I.
    Accurate photometry of the Einstein cross
    1997, University of Oslo

  58. Christensen, T.
    Empirical sulphur abundance determination of HII regions in spiral galaxies
    1997, University of Aarhus

  59. Hansen, J.G.
    Alder og afstand for den aabne hob NGC 6791 fra V og I CCD fotometri
    1997, University of Aarhus

  60. Korhonen, H.
    Surface imaging of FK Comae Berenices
    1997, University of Oulu

  61. Keränen, P.
    The veiling effect in RY Tauri and RW Aurigae
    1997, University of Oulu

  62. Soerensen, P.M.
    Lithium isotope ratio in disk population stars
    1996, University of Aarhus

  63. Wold, M.
    Galaxy cluster environments around radio quasars at 0.5 < z < 0.8
    1996, University of Oslo

  64. Sorensen, A.N.
    Design af adaptiv optik for NOT
    1995, University of Aarhus

  65. Dahle, H.
    Weak gravitational lensing by clusters of galaxies
    1994, University of Oslo

  66. Jablonski, M.
    Spektroskopi med Nordisk optisk teleskop
    1994, University of Oslo

  67. Jaunsen, A. O.
    Gravitational lensing statistics
    1994, University of Oslo

  68. Østensen, R.H.
    QSO 2237+0305 Cleaned: Results from Four Years of Gravitational Lens Monitoring with the NOT
    1994, University of Tromsø

  69. Dahl, O.C.
    Astronomy of comets and asteroids
    1993, University of Oslo

  70. Bruvold, A.
    Analyse av hurtigfotometriske observasjoner av den varme hvite dvergstjerna PG1159-035
    1992, University of Tromsø

  71. Kjeldsen, L. T.
    Korrelasjonsanalyse av multikanals fotometriske observasjoner av polaren AN UMa
    1992, University of Tromsø

  72. Olsen, Ø.
    Gravitational lenses CCD imaging using the Nordic Optical Telescope
    1992, University of Tromsø

  73. Emanuelsen, P.-I.
    Lyskurveanalyse anvendt på AM CVn,
    1990, University of Tromsø

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