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This list contains PhD theses which are (partly) based on NOT data.
(Note, the list is probably not complete.)

  1. Lehtinen, J.
    "Variability of young solar-type stars: Spot cycles, rotation, and active longitudes"
    2016, University of Helsinki

  2. Zanutta, A.
    "Photoactive Materials for Astronomical Holographic Optical Elements"
    2015, Politecnico di Milano

  3. Singer, L. P.
    "The needle in the 100 deg2 haystack: The hunt for binary neutron star mergers with LIGO and Palomar Transient Factory"
    2015, California Institute of Technology

  4. Erroz-Ferrer, S.
    "Morphology, kinematics and star formation across the Hubble Sequence of Galaxies"
    2014, University of La Laguna

  5. Parviainen, H.
    "Exoplanet Characterisation with Bayesian Methods"
    2014, University of La Laguna

  6. Lindborg, M
    "Spot activity of late-type stars: a study of II Pegasi and DI Piscium"
    2014, University of Helsinki

  7. Mikkelsen, K.
    "Applications of Grid-Based Likelihood Methods to CMB Analysis"
    2014, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo

  8. Geier, S. J.
    "Pieces to the puzzle of high-redshift galaxies falling into place"
    2013, University of Copenhagen

  9. Vornanen, T.
    "Circular Spectro-polarimetric Study of DQ White Dwarfs"
    2013, University of Turku

  10. Kankare, E.
    "Supernovae in Dense and Dusty Environments"
    2013, University of Turku

  11. Staley, T. D.
    "Lucky imaging: beyond binary stars"
    2013, University of Cambridge arXiv:1404.5907v1

  12. Smirnova, O.
    "Studies of the nonstationary processes in variable stars"
    2012, University of Latvia

  13. Barzdis, A.
    "Spectroscopy of metal-poor stars of the Galaxy"
    2012, University of Latvia

  14. Lietzen, Heidi
    "Environments of Acitive Galaxies"
    2012, University of Turku

  15. Nilsson, R.
    "Circumstellar Debris Disks - Observational Studies of Cold Dust and Gas Emission in Planetary Nurseries"
    2012, Stockholm University

  16. Micheva, G.
    "Unveiling the nature of Blue Compact Galaxies"
    2012, Stockholm University

  17. Miralles-Caballero, D.
    "Optically Selected Compact Stellar Regions and Tidal Dwarf Galaxies in (Ultra)-Luminous Infrared Galaxies"
    2012, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

  18. Campante, T. L.
    "Asteroseismology: Data Analysis Methods and Interpretation for Space and Ground-based Facilities"
    2012, Universidade do Porto

  19. Olofsson, S.
    "Extinction in Molecular Clouds : Case of Barnard 335"
    2012, Stockholm University

  20. Lorenz, D.
    "Long Period Variables: Period Luminosity Relations and Classification in the Gaia Mission"
    2011, University of Vienna

  21. Tziamtzis, A.
    "Observations of young core collapse supernova remnants "
    2011, Stockholm University

  22. Villforth, C.
    "Variability in Active Galactic Nuclei: Understanding Emission Mechanisms and Unification Models"
    2011, University of Turku

  23. Simpson, E. K.
    "The Discovery and Characterisation of Transiting Exoplanets"
    2011, Queens University Belfast

  24. Nordin, J
    "Spectral Properties of Type Ia Supernovae and Implications for Cosmology"
    2011, University of Stockholm

  25. Bayliss, M.B.
    "Broadband photometry of 105 giant arcs: Redshift distribution constraints and implications for giant arc statistics"
    2011, University of Chicago

  26. Buchhave, L.
    "Detecting and Characterizing Transiting Extrasolar Planets"
    2010, University of Copenhagen

  27. Almenara Villa, J. M.
    "Deteccion de Planetas en Sistemas Binarios Eclipsantes"
    2010, University of La Laguna

  28. Laursen , P.
    "Interpreting Lyman-alpha radiation from young, dusty galaxies "
    2010, University of Copenhagen

  29. Paraficz, D.
    "Strong Gravitational Lensing: Scale and content of the Universe as inferred  from  multiply imaged  quasars."
    2010, University of Copenhagen

  30. de Leon, J.
    "Mineralogical Characterization of Near-Earth Asteroids"
    2009, University of La Laguna

  31. Järvinen, S.
    "Magnetic activity on young solar analogues"
    2009, University of Oulu

  32. Hyvönen, T.
    "Evolution and stellar content of AGN host galaxies"
    2009, University of Turku

  33. Gålfalk, M.
    "Young stars and outflows - case studies of three different regions"
    2008, Stockholm Observatory

  34. Luftinger, T.
    "The complex picture of the rapidly oscillating Ap star HD 24712"
    2007, University of Vienna

  35. Granvik, M.
    "Asteroid identification using statistical orbital inversion methods"
    2007, Unversity of Helsinki

  36. Torppa, J.
    "Lightcurve inversion for asteroid spins and shapes "
    2007, Unversity of Helsinki

  37. Schnerr, R.S.
    "Magnetic fields and mass loss in massive stars"
    2007, University of Amsterdam

  38. Law, N.
    "Lucky Imaging: Diffraction Limited Imaging from the ground in the Visible"
    2006, University of Cambridge

  39. Biazzo, K.
    "Determination of physical parameters of magnetic active regions in stars with different evolutionary stages"
    2006, Catania University, Italy

  40. Harjunpää, P.
    "Carbon monoxide emission, optical extinction and polarization in nearby molecular clouds"
    2005, Unversity of Helsinki

  41. Jakobsson, P.
    "Gamma-Ray bursts and their hosts: A multiwavelength exploration"
    2005, University of Copenhagen

  42. Schultz, J.
    "Studies of Accretion Disks in X-ray Binaries"
    2005, University of Helsinki

  43. Virtanen, J.
    " Asteroid orbital inversion using statistical methods"
    2005, University of Helsinki

  44. Bensby T.
    Observational Studies of the Chemical Evolution of the Galactic Thin and Thick Disks
    2004, Lund University

  45. Freyhammer L. M.
    "Studies of Variable Sars in Stellar Clusters"
    2004, Vrije Universitet Brussel

  46. González Pérez, J.M.
    "From Close Binary White Dwarfs to White Dwarfs. A presentation of observational evidences to link these evolutionary stages"
    2004, University of Tromsø

  47. Grav, T.
    "Physical and Dynamical Properties of the Irregular Satellites of the Giant Planets"
    2004, University of Oslo

  48. Hackman, T.
    "Doppler imaging and photometric time series analysis of stellar spot activity"
    2004, University of Helsinki

  49. Katajainen, S.
    "Polarimetric studies of magnetic cataclysmic variables"
    2004, University of Turku

  50. Rekola R.,
    "Distance Determinations to Nearby Galaxies"
    2004, University of Turku

  51. Tubbs, R. N.
    "Lucky exposures: diffraction-limited astronomical imaging through the atmosphere"
    2004, University of Camridge

  52. Lott, D. A.
    "WAVS: The Wide Area Variability Survey"
    2004, Open University (United Kingdom)

  53. Kochukhov, O.
    "Magnetic and Chemical Structures in Stellar Atmospheres"
    2003, Uppsala University

  54. Brand, K.
    "The Triggering and Bias of Radio Galaxies in Super-structure Regions"
    2003, University of Oxford

  55. Ulvås, V.A.
    "Magnetic Activity of UX Ari"
    2003, University of Oslo

  56. Warell, J.
    "Regolith properties of Mercury derived from observations and modelling"
    2003, Uppsala University

  57. Örndahl, E.
    "Quasar host galaxies at intermediate and high redshifts"
    2003, Uppsala University, Sweden

  58. Andersen, M.
    "Gamma-ray bursts: Afterglows and host galaxies"
    2002, University of Oulu

  59. Bruntt, H.
    "Steps towards asteroseismology and a search for giant planets: studies of stellar clusters"
    2002, Aarhus University

  60. Dolk, L
    "Investigations of heavy elements in Am and HgMn stars"
    2002, Lund University

  61. Korhonen, H.
    "Surface structures of FK Com"
    2002, University of Oulu

  62. Nielsen K.
    "Atomic influences in stellar spectroscopy"
    2002, Lund University

  63. Burud, I.
    "Gravitational lensing as a tool for determining the age of the Universe"
    2001, Universite Liege

  64. Nasser, Mosab R.
    "NLTE accretion disc models fopr the AM CVn systems",
    2001, University of Tromsø

  65. Dall, T.
    " Spectroscopic analysis of delta-Scuti stars"
    2001, Aarhus University

  66. Wold, M.
    "The Environment of Active Galactic Nuclei: Excess Counts and the Nature of Their Host Clusters"
    2001, Stockholm Univeristy

  67. Dahle, H.
    "Weak gravitational lensing by clusters of galaxies"
    2000, University of Hawaii.

  68. Fynbo, J.P.U.
    "Pieces to the puzzle of Galaxy Formation"
    2000, Aarhus University

  69. Ilyin, Ilya V.
    "High Resolution SOFIN CCD Echelle Spectroscopy"
    2000, University of Oulu

  70. Jaunsen, A.O.
    "Gravitational lensing and gamma-ray bursts as cosmological probes"
    2000, University of Oslo

  71. Pursimo, T.
    "Opitcal Studies of BL Lacertae Objects"
    2000, University of Turku

  72. Sollerman, J.
    "Observations of supernovae and their compact objects "
    2000, Stockholm Univeristy

  73. Østensen, R.
    "Time Resolved CCD Photometry"
    2000, Unversity of Tromsø

  74. Hidalgo-Gamez, A.M.
    "A Study of Possible Chemical Inhomogenities of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies and the Influence on the Z-L Relationship"
    1999, Uppsala Univeristy

  75. Kaas, A.A.
    "Luminosity Functions of Embedded Young Stellar Clusters"
    1999, Stockholm Univeristy

  76. Larsen, S.
    "Young Massive Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies"
    1999, University of Copenhagen

  77. Pietilä, H.
    "The Role of Binary Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei"
    1999, Unversity of Turku

  78. Festin, L.
    "The Faintest Stars A Study of White, Red and Brown Dwarfs"
    1998, Uppsala Unversity

  79. Heinämäki, P.
    "Groups of Galaxies: Observations of Groups and Simulations of Post-Merger Interactions of Supermassive Black Holes"
    1998, Unversity of Turku

  80. Kristen, H.
    "Dynamics of the Interstellar Matter in GAlaxies, Isolated Barred Spiral Galaxies Cloud Formation Processes"
    1998, Stockholm Unversity

  81. Snel, R .
    "Crowded filed photometry and luminosity function analysis as probes of galactic evolution"
    1998, Unversity of Lund

  82. Östlin, G.
    "On the Originb and Evolution of Blue Compact Galaxies"
    1998, Uppsala Unversity

  83. Kalus, K.
    "Laboratory and Stellar Spectra in High Resolution: Studies of Fe, Pt, and Ti in Peculiar Stars"
    1997, Lund University

  84. Nilsson, K.
    "Studies of Extragalactic Double Radio Sources"
    1997, Unversity of Turku

  85. Grundahl, F.
    "CCD photometry of disk globular clusters"
    1996, Aarhus University

  86. Gullbring, E.
    "Accretion and Time Variability of T Tauri Stars"
    1996, Stockholm Unversity

  87. Petersen, L.
    "Near-IR spectroscopy of giant extragalactic HII regions"
    1996, Aarhus University

  88. Sodemann, M.
    "Surface-Brightness Fluctuations in Elliptical Galaxies"
    1995, Aarhus University

  89. Joench-Soerensen, H.
    "CCD uvbybeta photometry of faint F-stars. Spatial and temporal variations of the metallicity in the disk of the Galaxy"
    1994, University of Copenhagen

  90. Hjorth, J.
    "Statistical Physics of Galaxies"
    1993, University of Copenhagen

  91. Kjeldsen, H.
    "High-precision photometry. Techniques and Results."
    1992, University of Aarhus

Licentiate theses:

  1. Ilyina, S.
    "A spectroscopic analysis of the magnetic field structure in some Ap stars"
    2001, University of Oulu

  2. Strid, K.
    "A Spectrum Analysis of u Sagittarii"
    2001, Lund University

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