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This report covers the operations of the Nordic Optical Telescope for the period 2002-03-12 to 2002-09-17.

This report has a slightly different set-up from the previous reports. Specifically, I have tried to limit the report to the relevant changes that occurred during the period. The main part of the report dealing with operations is now divided in two parts; the first part looks at operations during the reporting period, and the second part looks at expected changes in the coming months.

A very significant part of this report was prepared with the help of Amanda Kaas who was acting AiC until the 1$^{st}$ of August.

In the future I would like to fix the reporting periods to 6 months, running parallel with the observing period: i.e. 1$^{st}$ of April to 30$^{st}$ of September; and 1$^{st}$ of October to 30$^{st}$ of March. I also intend to provide more detailed statistics on technical down-time and time lost due to weather, which should provide a better idea of changes with time.

Thomas Augusteijn 2003-02-21