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StanCam was fitted with a CryoTiger cooling system to keep it permanently cold. This includes a modified dewar and permanently mounted tubes between the camera and the compressor. Unfortunately, the tubes that were delivered were shorter than ordered (10m instead of 50ft). This meant that we could not install the compressor in the machine room as intended. We can operate it with the compressor in the dome, but this unit generates quite a bit of heat which is not really optimal and we do not have the system running permanently yet.

Tests with the camera itself were fine. Also, we did some tests with operating NOTCam + PTR and StanCam + CryoTiger (with the compressor in the dome) at the telescope at the same time. This also worked fine, with especially the different tubes not causing any problems. However, this remains to be confirmed when the CryoTiger for StanCam is permanently installed.

Thomas Augusteijn 2003-05-08