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It is clear that the coating of the need camera optics need replacing. There are three options: i) when the instrument is not used, the camera is send back for re-coating and reinstalled afterward. The main problem with this is that ALFSOC is seldom off the telescope for any extended period, and it also seems unlikely we get a firm guarantee that the camera would return before a given date; ii) the new camera is send back, and replaced in the mean time with the old camera and CCD. The disadvantage of this is that it would require two additional periods of work on the instrument, with the need for people from Copenhagen to come out on both occasions, and; iii) new optics are purchased for the camera and coated (for free), before being send out to La Palma. The main advantage of this is that it only requires a limited amount of extra effort, but would require additional expenses to buy the optics.

Thomas Augusteijn 2004-01-06