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Instrument use

Table 3 lists the number of scheduled observing nights and technical nights for each instrument. This covers all nights, including CAT, CCI and guaranteed time. In this table I have also included the number of observing runs, and the number of nights per observing run for each instrument.

Table 3: Instrument use
Instrument No. of nights No. of runs Nights/run
  Scheduled Technical    
ALFOSC 137 16 42$^a$ 2.7
NOTCam 17 4 4$^b$ 2.5
MOSCA 6 1 1 5
SOFIN 19 2 5 3.5
IACUB 3 $-$ 1 3
$^a$ Excluding 8 service nights
$^b$ Excluding 3 service nights

Thomas Augusteijn 2005-10-27