Calibration plan

A web page with a full 'Calibration scheme' listing all the necessary observations for calibration, Quality Control, and other monitoring purposes has been prepared. This page now also contains checklists for support astronomers.

Several calibration and quality control scripts were made. These scripts take data and analyze the data automatically. Still a script needs to be be made to monitor the radial-velocity stability of the system. Also, the results of the FIES detector quality control scripts and the results from the FIES standard-star efficiency measurements need to be incorporated in the main NOT database. A new data base will be made to record and monitor the performance of the calibration lamps. Scripts to obtain arc spectra will be made that determines itself the exact exposure time that is needed. The specify wavelength zero-point accuracy still need to be defined for observations with and without simultaneous ThAr mode.

Thomas Augusteijn 2008-11-14