Weather station

After several comments about our humidity readings compared to others, the sensor was recalibrated and shown to only need a minor adjustment. The measurements from the new Vaisala weather station where shown to be deviating, but follow a linear relationship with respect to our regular (calibrated) sensor so it can be used if need be.

We had bought a hand-held humidity meter in case of emergency, but that was shown to not work well at all at the most important high-end of the scale.

There are still various issues with the Vaisala weather station with respect to the wind meter and the rain sensor so we are still using the measurements from the old station.

The weather page now also includes an indication on the wind-rose that shows the direction the telescope is pointing so it is easier to see where the telescope is pointing relative to the wind direction which is important in case of strong winds.

At the moment the dust meter is at the IAC for maintenance, but it is expected back in the near future.

Thomas Augusteijn 2009-01-15