As a part of our collaboration with the YNAO a visit was made by one of the staff members from the software group together with people from CUO to YNAO as part of the installation and commissioning of YFOSC. This included setting-up a basic sequencer observing system similar to what is operated in general at NOT, and the installation and commissioning of the CCD data acquisition program for the new controller. This has been successful and some follow-up work has been done on the initial installation and preparations have been made to to include their TCS in the sequencer environment and integrate it with YFOSC.

As part of a further visit by people from CUI to do some additional work on YFOSC and install and commission the science grade CCD a new visit will be made by our staff member with the plan to conclude the work on the basic sequencer environment for their TCS and YFOSC instrument.

Thomas Augusteijn 2012-02-21