ING Spectrophotometric Standards

TN65: ING Technical Note No. 65; TN100: ING Technical Note No. 100

ING name Original name Appears in
SP0031-124 G158-100 TN65 and 100
SP0105+625 Hiltner102 TN65
SP0135-052 L870-2 TN65
SP0146+133 Feige 15 TN65
SP0205+134 PG0205+134 TN100
SP0216+032 PG0216+032 TN100
SP0232+035 Feige 24 TN65
SP0236+052 Feige 25 TN65
SP0305+261 HD 19445 TN65
SP0310+149 PG0310+149 TN100
SP0346-011 GD 50 TN100
SP0351-002 SA95-42 TN100
SP0352+096 HZ 4 TN65 and 100
SP0401+250 LB 1240 TN65
SP0406+170 LB 227 TN65
SP0409+117 HZ 2 TN65
SP0413-077 40 Eri B TN65
SP0430+126 HZ 7 TN65
SP0437+085 HZ 15 TN65
SP0438+108 HZ 14 TN65 and 100
SP0501+527 G191-B2B TN65 and 100
SP0548-001 G99-37 TN65
SP0642+021 Hiltner 600 TN65 and 100
SP0644+375 He 3 TN65
SP0738-172 L745-46A TN65
SP0749+526 G193-74 TN100
SP0804+751 BD+75 325 TN100
SP0813+077 BD+08 2015 TN65
SP0823+546 PG0823+546 TN100
SP0845-188 LDS 235B TN65
SP0846+249 PG0846+249 TN100
SP0856+331 G47-18 TN65
SP0934+554 PG0934+554 TN100
SP0939+262 PG0939+262 TN100
SP0943+441 SA 29-130 TN65
SP0946+139 HD 84937 TN65
SP0958-073 GD108 TN100
SP1036+433 Feige 34 TN65 and 100
SP1045+378 HD 93521 TN100
SP1105-048 L 970-30 TN65
SP1107+265 Ton 573 TN65
SP1121+145 PG1121+145 TN100
SP1121+216 Ross 627 TN65
SP1134+144 EG81 TN100
SP1134+300 GD140 TN65 and 100
SP1204+119 Feige 56 TN65
SP1211+332 HZ 21 TN100
SP1232+379 HZ 29 TN65
SP1234+254 Feige 66 TN100
SP1239+178 Feige 67 TN100
SP1257+038 G60-54 TN100
SP1314+293 HZ 43 TN65
SP1321+363 HZ 44 TN65 and 100
SP1327-083 Wolf 485 TN65
SP1337+705 Grw+70 5824 TN65 and 100
SP1409+503 Feige 92 TN65
SP1436+277 Feige 98 TN65
SP1446+259 BD+26 2606 TN65
SP1542+182 GD190 TN65
SP1545+035 PG1545+035 TN100
SP1550+330 BD+33 2642 TN65 and 100
SP1625+093 G138-31 TN65 and 100
SP1626+368 Ross 640 TN65
SP1708+602 PG1708+602 TN100
SP1741+054 Kopff 27 TN65
SP1900+705 Grw+70 8247 TN65
SP1942+261 BD+25 3941 TN65
SP2006+411 BD+40 4032 TN65
SP2010+401 HD192281 TN100
SP2011+065 G24-9 TN65 and 100
SP2031+410 Cyg Ob2-9 TN100
SP2032+248 Wolf 1346 TN65 and 100
SP2126+734 Grw+73 8031 TN65
SP2129+000 LDS 749B TN65
SP2140+207 L1363-3 TN65
SP2144-079 L930-80 TN65
SP2148+286 BD+28 4211 TN65 and 100
SP2157+261 BD+25 4655 TN100
SP2209+178 BD+17 4708 TN65
SP2226-210 NGC 7293 TN100
SP2254+624 HD217086 TN100
SP2311-068 G157-34 TN65
SP2316-173 LTT 9491 TN100
SP2317-054 Feige 110 TN65 and 100
SP2323+157 GD248 TN65 and 100
SP2341+322 L1512-34 TN65