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Arguments[-s ] [-xbin N] [-ybin M] <lampID> <grism>
Short DescriptionReturns the exposure time needed for calibration exposures, based on lamp and grism choice. The lampID should be one of He/Ne/HeNe/ThAr/Halogen.
Slit width [-s] and binning [-xbin][-ybin] can be specified optionally.
Long DescriptionReturns the exposure time for a calibration lamp exposure for ALFOSC spectroscopy.

Accounts for grism and lamp type using the Overheads Table. Optionally accounts for binning. Optionally accounts for slit width, but only for Halogen exposures.

If the Table has a '0' entry for the requested grism/lamp combination, then the script will bomb giving the 'Unsupported setup' error. This script does not do any instrument setup. This script does not check any instrument setup. The output of the script solely depends on the command line arguments, regardless of the current setup.

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