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Arguments[-e] [-nowakeup] [-std] <Nang> <ObjName> <tt> <Ncyc> [-nowindow]
Short DescriptionSets up and executes a set of simultaneous linear and circular polarimetry (using lambda/4 retarder) imaging exposures with <Nang> angles, exposure time <tt> and <Ncyc> cycles. If optional argument -nowindow is used, no windowing is applied.
Long DescriptionChecks if polarizer and Calcite are in and moves them in if necessary and does cycles of exposures. The object name is set to <ObjName> and the current polarizer angle is added (e.g. "<ObjName> 0deg"), object name is cleared when script ends. By default, the script windows the read-out using alfosc.polwin, with option -nowindow, no windowing is applied! Available number of angles: 4 (0°, 22.5°, 45°, and 67.5°) 8 (0° to 157.5° in steps of 22.5°) 16 (0° to 337.5° in steps of 22.5°). If the optional argument -std is used, the IMAGECAT keyword is set to CALIB and the data is made public immediately.
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