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Arguments[-e] [-t] [-nowakeup] <pattern> <offset_size> <tt>
Short DescriptionTakes single exposures with exposure time <tt> at each pointing of the dither pattern <pattern> with offset <nn> arcseconds between each exposure.
Long DescriptionTakes single exposures at each pointing of a dither pattern. The pointings in a dither pattern are symmetrical around the initial pointing, except for the ABBA scripts, which starts with an exposure on initial pointing. It is possible to specify a negative offset size, in which case the offsets are performed in the opposite direction.
  • [-e]: Echo script on stdout, do not execute
  • [-t]: Simulate exposure only
  • [-nowakeup]: no astrowakeup at the end of script
  • <pattern> predefined dither pattern.
  • <offset_size> telescope offset in arcsec between each exposure.
  • <exptime> exposure time at each pointing.
The dither pattern can be one of the following listed below:
  • 2X : 2-point (X)
  • 3X : 3-point (X)
  • 5X : 5-point (X)
  • 2Y : 2-point (Y)
  • 3Y : 3-point (Y)
  • 5Y : 5-point (Y)
  • 5D : 5-point (dice 5)
  • 4G : 2x2 grid
  • 9G : 3x3 grid
  • 16G : 4x4 grid
  • ABBAX : A-B-B-A (X)
  • ABBAY : A-B-B-A (Y)
Usage example:
  alfosc.dither 3X 20 15   Makes a 3-point X dither pattern with a 15s exposure at each dither point and a 20" offset between each exposure.
Depends Onalfosc.abort alfosc.expose alfosc.teloffset
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