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Short DescriptionDoes a rough spectral extraction for file <file>, or for the last image written to disk if no file is specified, and displays the reduced spectrum interactively.
Long DescriptionExtracts spectra and applies an approximate wavelength calibration on an ALFOSC spectroscopic image using the iraf tasks apall and dispcor. If no file is specified, spectral extraction from the last image written to disk will be attempted. Extracted spectra are kept in the directory /data/reduced/alfosc/ on the instrument computer. Existing spectra will be overwritten if the task is re-run on the same file. The wavelength calibration is done using standard wavelength settings for the standard horizontally oriented central slits. The wavelength calibration is only approximate, and is most likely based on a slit that you are not currently using. Note that the slits have different Y-positions and hence different wavelength zeropoints, and that hence zeropoint offsets of for instance 200 Ångström are normal. The quickspec will leave the user in an IRAF splot session. To kill the session type q in the postprocessing graphics window. There are 2 ways of initiating quickspec. Automatic (see command quickspec-config auto=yes below), and from the sequencer command line. * When called from the sequencer command line, all input and output will go through that sequencer terminal. * When automatic, the input and output goes through the BIAS 'command' window.
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