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Arguments[-e] [-s <slit>] [-g <grism>] [-c <crossdisp>] [-f <filterID>] [-d <diffuserID>][-nowait] [-forceFASU]
Short DescriptionSets all 5 ALFOSC wheels to the given setup. Default is OPEN. If optional flag -nowait is used, the script exits while wheels are moving.
Long DescriptionScript to setup all 5 ALFOSC wheels, in quickest possible way. Possible arguments are:
  • -s <slit>   aperture-wheel item string
  • -g <grism>   grism string
  • -c <crossdisperser>   crossdisp grism string
  • -f <filterID>   filter ID number
  • -d <diffuserID>   diffuser ID number
  • -nowait   exit while wheels are moving
  • -forceFASU   force the FASU wheels to move even when at required position
Each wheel defaults to the OPEN position, unless it needs to be put to a different position as requested through the command-line arguments. Consequently, without any arguments alfosc.wheels puts all wheels to open. The script uses alfosc.optics to check the feasibility of the requested setup. If feasible, the wheels will be moved to put the requested items in the beam. If wheels are already in the correct position they will not be exercised, except for the FASU wheels when flag -forceFASU is given. If a requested setup is not possible, an error will result, and no wheels will be moved. Note: grism/slit strings should be unique. A list of optical items can be found here. Note: filter ID numbers can be found here. Note: the Focus_Pyr is considered a grism!! Note: for spectroscopy the horizontal/vertical requirements for the optical elements are tested.
Usage examples:
  • alfosc.wheels -f 74   sets up for imaging with filter #74
  • alfosc.wheels -g Focus_Pyr   sets up for focusing without filters
  • alfosc.wheels -s Slit_1.0 -g "#4"   sets up for spectroscopy with slit 1.0" and Gr#4
  • alfosc.wheels -s Slit_1.0 -g "#4" -f 93   sets up for spectroscopy with slit 1.0" and Gr#4 and blocking filter #93
  • alfosc.wheels -s Ech_0.8 -g "#9" -c "#10"   sets up for Echelle spectroscopy with slit 0.8" and Echelle Gr#9 and cross disperser Gr#10
Depends Onalfosc.aperture alfosc.fasua alfosc.fasub alfosc.filter alfosc.grism alfosc.optics
Used Inalfosc.focuspyr-setup
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