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Target-of-Opportunity programs at NOT

At NOT we have Target-of-Opportunity programs in which the visiting astronomers might be asked to participate. Please note that most such accepted programs at the NOT have override status; that is they have to be executed during other programs. The following policies have been given:

Rules for Target-of-Opportunity programs at the NOT

From these pages you can find information about the current programs. If you have any further questions concerning the programs, please contact NOT staff or the PI's.

The most essential instructions on observing ToO with ALFOSC are found here: The essentials of observing with ALFOSC.

At the present the following programs have been accepted:

NB: No override is permitted during transit and eclipse observations for programs P51-011 and P51-031 (see the telescope schedule for specific dates and times).

Any observing program affected by ToO or Monitoring observations are offered full compensation of the observing time lost in service mode. Please contact the NOT staff about the details.

Blazars host galaxies (PI: Takalo, P51-004)

SNe Ia in the Hubble flow (PI: Stritzinger, P51-006)

Flux Evolution of Rapid Gamma-ray Flaring Sources (PI: Pursimo, P51-019)

NOT follow-up of gravitational wave sources from Advanced LIGO-VIRGO (PI: Pian, P51-020)

Survey of nuclear transient in galaxies with Gaia (PI: Mattila, P51-026)

Polarimetric monitoring of blazars (PI: Bonnoli, P51-027)

Fast radio bursts (PI: Malesani, P51-030)

NOTCam monitoring of iPTF & SPIRITS transients (PI: Johansson, P51-032)

ToO Observations of bright Galactic Novae in outburst (PI: Shore, P51-104)

SNe from the iPalomar Transient Factory (PI: Sollerman, P51-501)

A sample of Swift Gamma Ray Bursts (PI: Jakobsson, P51-504)