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IS 2009-09-29 One-button boot
IS 2012-03-19 Last notification at kill is from SendToSysLog, some minor improvements.

How to Reboot the NEW TCS

The reboot is now made by just pressing the reboot button so it can be made also by an observer after clearance from a staff member.

If the reboot is necessary due to a TCS crash then please first check the instructions in What to do if TCS crashes

On the user interface terminal do (if possible):

  • zenith
  • if not already at zenith and power is still on.
  • power-off y
  • afterwards if not done already. Wait until power is off, see status page 1.
  • kill y
  • and wait until the message 'SendToSysLog: SysLog is no longer logging our logs.' appears on the error device screen after about 30s (do not turn down the intensity of it too much!) or wait at least 40 seconds.
    1. Make sure that the 'TCS/alpha console' terminal in the control room is on, then in the electronics room locate rack 20 (second rack from door), the 'TCS/alpha' computer and the RED reset button on the CPU card (leftmost card), all is clearly marked.
    2. Press the RESET button in for 1 second.
    3. Wait for the booting and start of the whole TCS system which takes about 1 minute and 50 seconds, after that the user interface should be running on the 'New TCS UI' terminal.
    4. Check if all looks OK in the user interface, UT should be updating and same as red display above.
    5. Notify in EON report or fault report about the booting.

      For staff only:
      If there is any reason to change from the default GPS clock system source (shown at upper left on the UI screen after 'UT' and 'ST' as 'gp') to the old clock system then log in on the 'TCS/Alpha console' with user and password from inside door in TCS metal cabinet in electronics room. Type 'engineering' on the console, then option '3' for altazservo. Choose option '23' for the old clock time (option '24' sets to the GPS clock). Give a '0' to quit altaz section and another '0' to quit engineering. Then as the last thing You may type 'logout' on the console, but it is fine to leave it as it is for future use.

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