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TCS Command summary

This command summary is still under construction. Characters written in green are the Schwarz nemonics for the full commands which are written in red.

Opening and Closing
Telescope Motions
Catalogues and Presetting
CCD Camera (Stancam)
Status pages

Opening and Closing

  • hu-op Open-Upper-Hatch
    Open upper dome hatch. (Check weather conditions first).

  • hu-cl Close-Upper-Hatch
    Close upper dome hatch.

  • hl-op Open-Lower-Hatch
    Open lower dome hatch.

  • hl-cl Close-Lower-Hatch
    Close upper dome hatch.

  • mi-op Open-Mirror-Cover
    Open mirror cover.

  • mi-cl Close-Mirror-Cover
    Close mirror cover.

  • Telescope Motions

  • tm-ze Zenith
    Move telescope to zenith position.

  • Catalogues and Presetting

  • ca-re Load-Catalog
    Load an object catalogue from a disk file.

  • ca-sa Store-Catalog
    Store the current object catalogue on disk.

  • ca-se Select-Object
    Go to a specific entry in the current catalogue.

  • pr-ob Preset-To-This
    Preset to the currently selected catalogue object.

  • Rotator

  • ro-au Rotator-Automatic
    Put the rotator in automatic mode.

  • ro-ma Rotator-Manual
    Put the rotator in manual mode.

  • ro-po Rotator-Position
    Set the rotator to a specific angle.

  • ro-fi Field-Rotation
    Huh? Is this the same as "Rotator-Position"?

  • ro-360 Rotator-Turn-360
    Run the rotator through a full revolution.

  • CCD Camera (Stancam)

  • cp-fi CCD-Filter
    Change the StanCam filter.

  • cp-in CCD-Probe-CCD
    Move the StanCam pickoff mirror probe into the beam.

  • cp-ou CCD-Probe-Park
    Move the StanCaom pickoff mirror probe out of the beam and into the park position.

  • cp-ws CCD-Probe-Splitter
    Move the StanCam probe to the wave front sensor.

  • Autoguider

    TV Camera

  • tv-on TV-On
    Turn on autoguider TV camera. (Check lights are out first!)

  • tv-of TV-Off
    Turn off autoguider TV camera.

  • tv-fi TV-Filter
    Change the autoguider TV filter.

  • Autoguider

  • ag-on Auto-Guide
    Start autoguiding. (Not relaxed, autoguider assumes that the box is in the correct position and moves the star to its center.)

  • ag-re-on Relaxed-Autoguide
    Start autoguiding in relaxed mode - autoguider assumes star is currently in the correct location and spends the first few seconds moving the center of the box to that position before keeping the star there.

  • ag-of Auto-Stop
    Stop autoguiding.

  • ag-bo-po Box-Position
    Autoguider box position. Use this command to locate the star box at a particular point in the image display.

  • ag-bo-si Box-Size
    Set the size of the autoguider star box.

  • Guide Probe

  • gp-ce Guide-Probe-Center
    Move the guide probe to the center of the field (this obstructs the light path to the Cass instrument).

  • gp-pa Guide-Probe-Park
    Park the guide probe.

  • gp-de-up User-Position
    Move the guide probe to a user defined position. Refer to the plot it the TCS manual to identify the regions of the field which are available to the guide probe.

  • gp-fi Probe-Fiber
    Move the guide probe to the fibre-optic position.

  • Status Pages

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