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TCS Command summary

 HES         Explanation                        Alias among present commands
--------    --------------------------         ------------------------------
ag-bb-si    autoguider background box size     Background-Box-Size
ag-bo-ce    autoguider box center
ag-bo-of    autoguider box off                 Box-Motion-Stop
ag-bo-on    autoguider box on                  Box-Motion-Start
ag-bo-po    autoguider box position            Box-Position
ag-bo-si    autoguider box size                Box-Size
ag-ib-po    autoguider integrate box position  Integrate-Box-Position
ag-ib-si    autoguider integrate box size      Integrate-Box-Size
ag-in-de    autoguider integrate frames define
            ==> set n but do not integrate yet
ag-in-of    autoguider integrate off           Integrate-Frames  0
ag-in-on    autoguider integrate on
            ==> integrate, n set by 'ag-in-de'
ag-of       autoguide off                      Auto-Stop
ag-on       autoguide on                       Auto-Guide
ag-re-on    autoguide relaxed on               Relaxed-Autoguide

bs-cl-of    beam splitter collimator lamp off  Collimator-Lamp-Off
bs-cl-on    beam splitter collimator lamp on   Collimator-Lamp-On
bs-in       beam splitter in                   BeamSplitter-In
bs-ou       beam splitter out                  BeamSplitter-Out

ca-cc       catalogue current coordinates      These-Coordinates
ca-co-ap    catalogue coordinates apparent     Apparent-Equatorial
ca-co-me    catalogue coordinates mean         Mean-Equatorial
ca-de       catalogue delete                   Erase-Catalog
ca-do       catalogue delete object            Delete-This-Object
ca-gp-sa    catalogue guide probe save         Guide-Star-Store
ca-li-er    catalogue list errors
            ==> list first part of error log
ca-ob-me    catalogue object mean              Mean-Equatorial
ca-re       catalogue read                     Load-Catalog
ca-sa       catalogue save                     Store-Catalog
ca-se       catalogue select                   Select-Object

cc-ad-tv    camera configuration adopt tv      Adopt-TV-Configuration
cc-ce-tv    camera configuration center tv     Center-TV-Configuration
cc-de-tv    camera configuration define tv     Define-TV-Configuration
cc-gu-tv    camera configuration guide tv      Guide-TV-Configuration
cc-pe-tv    camera configuration periscope tv  Periscope-TV-Configuration

cp-de-fi    camera probe define filter         Name-CCD-Filter
cp-fi       camera probe filter                CCD-Filter
cp-in       camera probe in                    CCD-Probe-CCD
cp-ou       camera probe out                   CCD-Probe-Park
cp-ws       camera probe wave front sensor     CCD-Probe-Splitter

cw-he       counter weights height             Counterweight-Height

fi-fi       fiber interface filter             Fiber-Interface-CCD-Filter
fi-mi-in    fiber interface mirror in          Fiber-Interface-Mirror-In
fi-mi-ou    fiber interface mirror out         Fiber-Interface-Mirror-Out
fi-po       fiber position   (for the FIES)    Probe-Fiber
fi-tv-of    fiber interface tv off             Fiber-Interface-CCD-Off
fi-tv-on    fiber interface tv on              Fiber-Interface-CCD-On

gp-ce       guide probe center                 Guide-Probe-Center
gp-de-up    guide probe define user position   User-Position
gp-fi       guide probe fiber                  Probe-Fiber
gp-gs       guide probe guide star             Guide-Star-Recall
gp-of       guide probe offset                 Probe-Offset
gp-pa       guide probe park                   Guide-Probe-Park
gp-po       guide probe position               X + Y
gp-ss       guide probe step size              Probe-Step-Size
gp-us       guide probe user                   Guide-Probe-User

gs-au       guide star automatic               Guide-Star-Aquisition-Automatic
gs-ma       guide star manual                  Guide-Star-Aquisition-Manual

hl-cl       hatch lower close                  Close-Lower-Hatch
hl-op       hatch lower open                   Open-Lower-Hatch
hl-st       hatch lower stop                   Stop-Lower-Hatch

hu-cl       hatch upper close                  Close-Upper-Hatch
hu-op       hatch upper open                   Open-Upper-Hatch
hu-st       hatch upper stop                   Stop-Upper-Hatch

mi-cl       mirror cover close                 Close-Mirror-Cover
mi-op       mirror cover open                  Open-Mirror-Cover

pe-in       periscope in                       Periscope-Activate
pe-ou       periscope out                      Periscope-Fold

po-of       power off ==>                      Power-Off
po-on       power on  ==>                      Power-On

pr-ab       preset abort                       Abort-Preset
pr-ca-ob    preset catalogue object            Go-To-Object
pr-cc-of    preset clock correction off        Clock-Adjustment reset
pr-cc-on    preset clock correction on         Clock-Adjustment adopt
pr-cd-of    preset cosinus delta
            compensation off                   Cos-Delta-Compensation-Off
pr-cd-on    preset cosinus delta
            compensation on                    Cos-Delta-Compensation-On
pr-co-ap    preset coordinates apparent        New-Object
pr-eq-of    preset equatorial offset           Equatorial-Offset
pr-ne-fk    preset nearest FK5               Nearest-FK5-Star + Preset-To-This
pr-ob       preset object                      Preset-To-This
pr-po-ad    preset permanent offset adopt
pr-po-re    preset permanent offset reset

ro-au       rotator automatic ==>              Rotator-Automatic
ro-fi       rotator field                      Field-Rotation
ro-ma       rotator manual ==>                 Rotator-Manual
ro-po       rotator position ==>               Rotator-Position
d-p         parallactic instrument angle   Define-Parallactic-Instrument-Angle
ro-360      rotator 360                        Rotator-Turn-360

tm-aa-of    telescope motion azimuth altitude
            offset                             Horizontal-Offset
tm-al-po    telescope motion altitude
            position                           Altitude-Position
tm-az-po    telescope motion azimuth position  Azimuth-Position
tm-dd-si    telescope motion default delta
            size                               Set-Rate 0 0
tm-dt-off   telescope motion delta tracking
            off                                Set-Rate 0 0
tm-dt-on    telescope motion delta tracking on,
            use rate defined by tm-tr-ra,
            may be adjusted with the cursor keys
            if telescope is in set mode,
            see tm-ss
tm-id       telescope motion idle              Idle-Mode
tm-id       telescope motion idle              Stop-Telescope
tm-of       telescope motion offset mode       Offset-Mode
tm-os       telescope motion offset size       Offset-Size
tm-se       telescope motion set mode          Set-Mode
tm-tr-on    telescope motion tracking on       Tracking-On
tm-tr-ra    telescope motion tracking (delta)
            rates, set the rates but do not
            apply them yet
tm-ze       telescope motion zenith            Zenith

tu-fo-ma    top unit focus manual              Focus-Manual
tu-fo-of    top unit focus offset              Focus-Delta
tu-fo-po    top unit focus position            Focus-Position
tu-fo-ro    top unit focus rod                 Focus-Automatic-Rod
tu-fo-te    top unit focus temperature         Focus-Automatic-Temperature
tu-sh-au    top unit shift auto                Automatic-Displacement
tu-sh-ma    top unit shift manual              Manual-Displacement

tv-fi       TV filter ==>                      TV-Filter
tv-fo-au    TV focus automatic                 TV-Automatic-Focus
tv-fo-ma    TV focus manual                    TV-Manual-Focus
tv-fo-po    TV focus position                  TV-Focus
tv-fo-st    TV focus step                      TV-Step-Focus
tv-of       TV off ==>                         TV-Off
tv-on       TV on ==>                          TV-On

ui-cl-ar    user interface clear area          Clear-Listing-Area
ui-ex       user interface exit                Exit-NOT
ui-me       user interface message             Message
ui-re       user interface refresh             Refresh
ui-sp       user interface show page           Show-Page
ui-wo       user interface who                 Who

wf-la-of    WFS lamp off ==>                   WFS-Lamp-Off
wf-la-on    WFS lamp on ==>                    WFS-Lamp-On
wf-le-in    WFS lens in ==>                    WFS-Lens-In
wf-le-ou    WFS lens out ==>                   WFS-Lens-Out

Engineering commands:

gr-co       grab coordinates ==>               Grab-Coordinates

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