Latest Measurements
Date: 2016-10-25
Local Time: 14:47:00
UT: 13:47:00
Siderial Time: 14:54:02
Temperature: 2.2 °C Status
Humidity: 100 % Status
Wind Speed: 2.95 m/s Status
Rain: False Status
Wind Dir: 102.1 °
Dew Point: 2.20 °C
Pressure: 764.1 hPa
Sun Elevation: +48 °
Moon Elevation: +25 °
Moon Illum: 23 %

Age w.r.t latest measurements from the weather station of the Dust, DIMM and Extinction data
DIMM (IAC) arcsec >24H
DIMM (ING) arcsec >24H
DIMM (TNG) arcsec >24H
Aerosols (TNG) 5.97 µg/m3 0.0H
Solar Flux (TNG) 75 W/m2 0.0H
H2O Vapor (IAC) 11.9 mm 0.3H
Humidity >90%


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