Latest Measurements
Date: 2017-08-18
Local Time: 20:56:59
UT: 19:56:59
Siderial Time: 16:35:01
Temperature: 17.4 °C Status
Humidity: 8.5 % Status
Wind Speed: 8.54 m/s Status
Rain: False Status
Wind Dir: 51.5 °
Dew Point: -18.03 °C
Pressure: 775.1 hPa
Sun Elevation: -03 °
Moon Elevation: -30 °
Moon Illum: 11 %

Age w.r.t latest measurements from the weather station of the Dust, DIMM and Extinction data
DIMM (IAC) 0.87 arcsec 14.0H
DIMM (ING) arcsec >24H
DIMM (TNG) 0.55 arcsec 13.6H
Aerosols (TNG) 12.47 µg/m3 0.0H
Solar Flux (TNG) 0 W/m2 0.0H
H2O Vapor (IAC) 14.6 mm 561.9H
Everything OK!

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