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CCD1 (StanCam), details:


Provenance SITe (Tektronix)
Device type TK1024A, Thinned back illuminated
Horizontal pixels 1024
Vertical pixels 1024
Pixel size & plate scale 24µ, 0.176"/pixel
Estimated Quantum Efficency
Readout noise 6.5 e-/pixel (see quality monitoring for latest measurement)
Conversion factor 1.68 e-/ADU (see quality monitoring for latest measurement)
Nonlinearity <0.2% (<64 kADU) Linearity of amp A, high gain plots
Readout time Full frame 43s

1 Note: The organization of the clock phases for the TK1024 and SI003A are very different. The timing for the SI003A will not operate the TK1024 without modification. For instance, the TK1024 has 1025 of parallel-phases 1 and 3, and 1024 of parallel-phase 2, but the SI003A has 1024 of parallel-phases 1 and 2, and 1023 of parallel-phase 3. For the TK1024, parallel 1 abuts the upper transfer gate and parallel 3 abuts the lower transfer gate; in the SI003A, parallel 2 abuts the upper transfer gate and parallel 1 abuts the lower transfer gate. The two designs differ in serial clocking and which serial phase receives charge from the transfer gates.
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