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Description  Value 
Manufacturer e2v Technologies (now Teledyne e2v)
Device Type CCD231-42-g-F61 back illuminated, deep depletion, astro multi-2
Device ID CCD122340-10-01
Active pixels: Horizontal   :   2048
Vertical    :   2064
Serial overscan 50 at each end + 50 artifical
Vertical overscan 38 artifical
Pixel size & plate scale15µ, 0.2138 arc sec/pixel
Dark current 1.3e-/pix/hour
Nonlinearity (1%) Good up to 600 kADUs (~113500e-)
Readout timeFull frame 25s,  see also table of readout times 
Shutter shutter correction and timing accuracy
See quality monitoring for latest measurement

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