Hawaii Head

1024x1024 HgCdTe FPA

Rockwell's Hawaii HgCdTe FPA offers discriminating IR sensor users a suite of highly desired features: 1024x1024 format with only four outputs, <10 e- read noise, up to 1 MHz data rate per output, low power dissipation, <0.1 e-/sec dark current at a convenient 78K, and a simple user interface.

1024x1024 HgCdTe/Al2O3
SWIR Focal Plane Array

  • High Resolution 18.5 µm Pixel Pitch 
  • Ultra-Low Read Noise with Off-Chip CDS 
  • Low Power Multiplexer/Readout Architecture 
  • 0.8 µm CMOS with nearly 3.5 million Transistors 
  • Four Independent Quadrants with Source Follower or Direct Bus Outputs 
  • 2.5 µm Detector Cutoff Wavelength 
  • Low Dark Current at a convenient 78K 
  • High-Reliability BCS Hybrid FPA Methodology 
  • Low MOSFET Self-emission (Glow) 
  • 3.4 to 6.8 µV/e- signal conversion gain 
Measured Values
Detector Interface Circuit SFD
Cell Pitch 18.5  µm 
Die Size <400 mm2
Integration Capacity 1.0x105 carriers 
Integration Capacitance 18-35  fF 
Signal Conversion Gain 3.4-6.8  V/e- 
Output Signal Excursion .4-1 
Minimum Read Noise <10  e- 
Dynamic Range up to 10 4 V/V
Maximum Data Rate <1  MHz 
Maximum Slew Rate  400  nsec
Peak D* @ min Qb  >1x1014 Jones 
Power Dissipation < mW 
The 84 pin Ceramic Chip Carrier has been modified.
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