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NOTCam drawings

All files are in PDF format
Shutter unit bracket
Shutter unit bracket with micro switch
Shutter unit shutter cover plate
Shutter unit body
Shutter unit Motor bracket
Shutter unit housing plate
Shutter unit shaft
Worm gear end
Worm gear, worm A
Worm gear, worm pin
Worm gear, worm B
Motor and worm assembly
Vacuum vessel nitrogen chamber side plate
Vacuum vessel truss leg
Vacuum vessel truss top flange
Optical table mounting plate
Vacuum vessel truss bottom flange
Vacuum vessel nitrogen chamber top plate
Vacuum vessel main flange
Vacuum vessel flange
Vacuum vessel flange for wicks
Guide pin (l=15mm, dia=6mm, hole=2mm)
Retainer (centre of wheels)
Spring house (centre of wheels)
Cover plate (for a wheel)
Cover plate (for a wheel)
Switch bearing
Switch leaf spring
Aperture wheel
Aperture wheel enclosure
Stub shaft (for aperture wheel ??)
Wheel enclosure
Switch body
Switch clamp
Switch plunger
Wheel C (16 pos'n, stop wheel)
Barrel clamp
Wheel A (16 pos'n, grism wheel)
Switch socket
Wheel B (16 pos'n, filter wheel)
Barrel ring
Wheel D (16 pos'n, filter wheel)
Vacuum vessel diaphragm plate
Camera wheel
Shutter wheel
Wheel cover plate
Worm-gear housing A
Camera wheel enclosure
Housing for stepper motor
Cover plate
Worm gear shaft
Entrance wheel assembly drawing
Microswitch assembly drawing
Central wheel unit assembly drawing
Shutter assembly drawing
Shutter flange A
Shutter unit holding bracket
Shutter unit plain bearing
Shutter unit flange B
Shutter unit socket for ball-bearing
Shutter unit shaft
Barrel clamp (for optical components)
Stub shaft (centre of wheels)
Wheel cover plate
Camera wheel enclosure
Retainer (centre of wheel ?)
Spring house (centre of wheel)
Insulating washer
Vacuum vessel housing top
Vacuum vessel Kf-25 Kf-40 flange
Vacuum vessel flange
Vacuum vessel fill vent tube
Flange cold head
Vacuum vessel housing bottom
Vacuum vessel pipe nitrogen chamber
Vacuum vessel participating plate
Vacuum vessel radiation shield
Vacuum vessel truss bottom flange B
Vacuum vessel (radiation gold) baffle
Vacuum vessel socket
Vacuum vessel flange baffle
Vacuum vessel diaphragm plate
Vacuum vessel end flange cold head
(wheel) cover plate A
(wheel) cover plate B
Middle section B (centre unit)
Shaft A (centre of wheel)
Enclosure B (cover plate?)
Middle section A (centre unit)
Enclosure B (cover plate)
Shaft B (centre of wheel)
Retainer (center of wheel)
Vacuum vessel assembly drawing
Stepper motor worm drive assembly drawing
Lens wheel assembly drawing
General assembly drawings
General assembly drawings
Vacuum vessel radiation shield

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