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NOTCam Y filter

NOT filter number:236
Dimensions:25-mm round.
Filter name:Y
Marking on filter edge:
Cosmetic defects:

on: 0.978 micron
central: 1.030
off: 1.081 micron
FWHM: 0.103 micron

  • Transmission curves: Y-band zoom, Y-band, ASCII data

    Note:These transmission data have been scanned from the manufacturer's hardcopy. They are probably good to a couple of %. Details of the scanning procedure are not known, but the scan was made at ambient temperature. A small shift to the blue will be effected at operating temperature (see plot).

    Standard (same as WFCAM/UKIRT) Y-band available in stock at NDC IR Engingeering. Purchased in 2010.
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