NOTCam First Light - 30-6-2001


First light! 40 x 40 pixels from the first raw image. The near-IR standard
AS28-0 (K = 8.37 mag) integrated for 1s through the K-band. Right in
focus(!) and at a seeing of 0.6" FWHM, as can be seen in the radial profile plot
and the contour plot . Image obtained June 30th at UT ~ 21h.


Test image of M10 in the J-band. Integration time is 30s. This is a median combined
image of a 9 point dithering, after preliminary sky subtraction and flat fielding
( detector flat field ). Field is 3.6' x 3.6' after trimming of the edges.
FWHM=0.85" in the combined image. North left, east up.


The Serpens Cloud Core in JHK colour coded as blue, green and red.
On-source integration time is 5s x 12 co-adds x 5 ditherings. Preliminary
sky subtraction (from beam-switch observations) and flat fielding. North
up, east left.

For further information please contact: Anlaug Amanda Kaas , Tim Abbott , Vilppu Piirola