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Some publications with NOTCam data

NB! This list is not complete! If you know of other publications with NOTCam data, please let us know.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Anderson J. P., James P. A., Förster F., González-Gaitán S., Habergham S. M., Hamuy M., Lyman J. D.
    On the environments of Type Ia supernovae within host galaxies
    2015, MNRAS 448, 732
  2. Benetti, S., Meikle, P., Stehle, M., et al.
    Supernova 2002bo: inadequacy of the single parameter description
    2004, MNRAS 348, 261-278

  3. Böttcher, M., Harvey, J., Joshi, M., et al.
    Coordinated Multiwavelength Observation of 3C 66A during the WEBT Campaign of 2003-2004
    2005, ApJ 631, 169-186

  4. Buta, R., Laurikainen, E., Salo, H., Block, D.L., Knapen, J.H.
    Fourier Dissection of Early-Type Galaxy Bars
    Accepted by AJ, astro-ph/0609406

  5. Chen T.-W., Smartt S. J., Jerkstrand A., Nicholl M., Bresolin F., Kotak R., Polshaw J., Rest A., Kudritzki R., Zheng Z., Elias-Rosa N., Smith K., Inserra C., Wright D., Kankare E., Kangas T., Fraser M.
    The host galaxy and late-time evolution of the superluminous supernova PTF12dam
    2015, MNRAS 452, 1567
  6. Comerón F., Djupvik A. A., Schneider N., Pasquali A.
    Red supergiants and the past of Cygnus OB2
    2016, A&A 586, A46
  7. de Mooij E. J. W., Brogi M., de Kok R. J., Koppenhoefer J., Nefs S. V., Snellen I. A. G., Greiner J., Hanse J., Heinsbroek R. C., Lee C. H., van der Werf P. P.
    Optical to near-infrared transit observations of super-Earth GJ 1214b: water-world or mini-Neptune?
    2012, A&A 538, A46

  8. A.J. Delgado, A.A. Djupvik, and E.J. Alfaro
    Analysis of the stellar population in the central area of the HII region Sh 2-284
    2010, A&A 509, A104

  9. Djupvik, A.A., André, Ph., Bontemps, S., Motte, F., Olofsson, G., Gålfalk, M., Florén, H.-G.
    A multi-wavelength census of star formation activitiy in the young embedded cluster around Serpens/G3-G6
    2006, A&A 458, 789-803

  10. Djupvik A. A., Liimets T., Zinnecker H., Barzdis A., Rastorgueva-Foi E. A., Petersen L. R.
    Proper motions of embedded protostellar jets in Serpens
    2016, A&A 587, A75
  11. Fraser M., Kotak R., Pastorello A., Jerkstrand A., Smartt S. J., Chen T.-W., Childress M., Gilmore G., Inserra C., Kankare E., Margheim S., Mattila S., Valenti S., Ashall C., Benetti S., Botticella M. T., Bauer F. E., Campbell H., Elias-Rosa N., Fleury M., Gal-Yam A., Hachinger S., Howell D. A., Le Guillou L., Léget P.-F., Morales-Garoffolo A., Polshaw J., Spiro S., Sullivan M., Taubenberger S., Turatto M., Walker E. S., Young D. R., Zhang B.
    SN 2009ip at late times - an interacting transient at +2 years
    2015, MNRAS 453, 3886
  12. Gålfalk, M., Olofsson, G.
    Herbig-Haro flows in L1641N
    2007, A&A 466, 579

  13. Gålfalk, M., Olofsson, G.
    Herbig-Haro flows in B335
    2007, A&A 475, 281

  14. Hannikainen, D.C., McCollough, M.L., Vilhu, O., Hjalmarsdotter, L., Muhli, P., Pooley, G.G., Rupen, M.P., Trushkin, S.A., Hakala, P.
    Cygnus X-3: Multiwavelength monitoring during 1996-2000
    2003, Bulletin of the AAS, Vol 35, p. 625

  15. Holland, S.T., Boyd, P.T., Gorosabel, J., Hjorth, J., Schady, P., Thomsen, B., Augusteijn, T., et al.
    Optical, Infrared, and Ultraviolet Observations of the X-Ray Flash XRF 050416A
    2007, AJ 133, 122

  16. Hyvönen, T., Kotilainen, J.K., Örndahl, E., Falomo, R., Uslenghi, M.
    The host galaxies of radio-quiet quasars at 0.5 < z < 1.0
    2007, A&A 462, 525

  17. Hyvönen, T., Kotilainen, J.K., Falomo, R., Örndahl, E., Pursimo, T.
    The stellar content of low redshift BL Lacertae host galaxies from multicolour imaging
    2007, A&A 476, 723

  18. Janz J., Laurikainen E., Lisker T., Salo H., Peletier R. F., Niemi S.-M., den Brok M., Toloba E., Falcón-Barroso J., Boselli A., Hensler G.
    Dissecting Early-type Dwarf Galaxies into Their Multiple Components
    2012, ApJ 745, L24

  19. Kankare, E., Mattila, S., Ryder, S., et al.
    Discovery of a Very Highly Extinguished Supernova in a Luminous Infrared Galaxy
    2008, ApJ 689, L97

  20. Kankare E., Kotak R., Pastorello A., Fraser M., Mattila S., Smartt S. J., Bruce A., Chambers K. C., Elias-Rosa N., Flewelling H., Fremling C., Harmanen J., Huber M., Jerkstrand A., Kangas T., Kuncarayakti H., Magee M., Magnier E., Polshaw J., Smith K. W., Sollerman J., Tomasella L.
    On the triple peaks of SNHunt248 in NGC 5806
    2015, A&A 581, L4
  21. Kotilainen, J.K., Falomo, R.
    The optical-near-infrared colour of the host galaxies of BL Lacertae objects
    2004, A&A 424, 107-118

  22. Kotilainen, J.K., Hyvönen, T., Falomo, R.
    The luminous host galaxies of high redshift BL Lac objects
    2005, A&A 440, 831-843

  23. Laurikainen, E., Salo, H., Buta, R.
    Multicomponent decompositions for a sample of S0 galaxies
    2005, MNRAS 362, 1319-1347

  24. Levan, A., Fruchter, A., Rhoads, J., et al.
    Infrared and Optical Observations of GRB 030115 and its extremely red host galaxy: Implications for dark bursts
    2006, ApJ 647, 471

  25. Londish, D., Croom, S.M., Heidt, J., Boyle, B.J., Sadler, E.M., Whiting, M., Rector, T.A., Pursimo, T., Chynoweth, K.
    The 2dF BL Lac Survey - II
    2007, MNRAS 374, 556

  26. Pian, E., Foschini, L., Beckmann, V., et al.
    INTEGRAL observations of the blazar 3C 454.3 in outburst
    2006, A&A 449, L21-L25

  27. Raiteri, C.M., Villata, M., Ibrahimov, M.A., et al.
    The WEBT campaign to observe AO 0235+16 in the 2003-2004 observing season. Results from radio-to-optical monitoring and XMM-Newton observations
    2005, A&A 438, 39-53

  28. Stanishev, V., Goobar, A., Benetti, S., et al.
    SN 2003du: 480 days in the life of a normal type Ia supernova
    2007, A&A 469, 645

  29. Treuthardt, P., Buta, R., Salo, H., Laurikainen, E.
    The Kinematically Measured Pattern Speeds of NGC 2523 and NGC 4245
    2007, AJ 134, 1195

  30. Tziamtzis, A., Lundqvist, P., Djupvik, A.A.
    The Crab pulsar and its pulsar-wind nebula in the optical and infrared
    2009, accepted by A&A, arXiv:0911.0608

  31. Uttenthaler S., Meingast S., Lebzelter T., Aringer B., Joyce R. R., Hinkle K., Guzman-Ramirez L., Greimel R.
    LX Cygni: A carbon star is born
    2016, A&A 585, A145
  32. Villata, M., Raiteri, C.M., Balonek, T.J., et al.
    The unprecedented optical outburst of the quasar 3C 454.3. The WEBT campaign of 2004-2005
    2006, A&A 453, 817-822

  33. Warell, J., Limaye, S.S., Young. E.F.
    Nightside Venus Atmospheric Circulation from Nordic Optical Telescope Observations
    2004, Bulletin of the AAS, Vol. 36, p1162

  34. Willott, C.J., Delorme, P., Omont, A., et al.
    Four Quasars above Redshift 6 Discovered by the Canada-France High-z Quasar Survey
    2007, AJ 134, 2435

  35. Yun, J.,L., Djupvik, A.A., Delgado, A.J., Alfaro, E.J.
    A young double stellar cluster in an HII region, emerging from its parent molecular cloud
    2008, A&A 483, 209

  36. Yun J. L., Elia D., Djupvik A. A., Torrelles J. M., Molinari S.
    Not a galaxy: IRAS 04186+5143, a new young stellar cluster in the outer Galaxy
    2015, MNRAS 452, 1523
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