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NOTCam Status Report, May 1997

  • The mechanical design of NOTCam was reviewed in early May and is now on track for completion by the end of June 97. Staff at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, led by Peter Hastings, their Chief Mechanical Design Engineer, will provide NOT with a complete mechanical concept design for NOTCam including a two pixel scale imaging mode, spectroscopy, and imaging and spectro- polarimetry. Details of this design will be made available later in the year. Once acquired, the mechanical concept design will have to be `detailed' i.e. turned into engineering technical drawings (taking several months) and at that point construction can commence.
  • We are currently in the final stages of specification of both the array controller electronics and motor controller electronics with Copenhagen University (IJAF). Once this is achieved a contract will be signed for the delivery of these items. In addition, CUO/IJAF will provide a test dewar (already under development at IJAF) for testing the array multiplexer, engineering grade array and eventually the science grade array. Preben Nooregaard and Jens Klougert and the persons at CUO/IJAF responsible for the design and fabrication of the NOTCam array controller and motor controller units.