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NOTCam Status Report, 1999 Feb 5


Tim Abbott has taken over as project coordinator, Colin Aspin will continue as project consultant.


A Getter is being designed that will be clamped directly to the cold table and incorporate a heating resistor to facilitate cleaning. The getter material will be charcoal.

The superinsulation blanket has arrived and is being installed.

The internal mechanics of the dewar have been assembled and installed. Unsurprisingly, outgassing and contamination within the dewar are now high and efforts are being made to reduce it before continuing. On the positive side, it has been noted that the rate of increase of pressure within the static dewar decreases with time and it is therefore dominated by outgassing and not leaks.


Instrument and temperature control software packages have been written and tested to the extent possible without access to the hardware.


The order list for the IR filter consortium is being prepared.