Baffle calibration unit: arc maps

As of 2005, we have a calibration unit in the telescope baffle, that can be used for NOTCAM spectroscopy. The unit contains a flatfield lamp that is also used for ALFOSC, and a Xenon and Argon lamp. Currently the lamps can be switched on in the control room manually.

All the calibration lines in the arcs for NOTcam are in vacuum wavelengths in contrast to the ALFOSC arcs which are in air wavelengths.

Arc maps for WFC + 128-micron slit
bandArgonXenonnight sky
Z 8th order

Z 7th order

Y 7th order

Y 6th order

J 6th order

J 5th order

A line list with vacuum wavelengths for the Argon and Xenon lines, compiled by Jyri Naranen.

A table of typical exposure times for the calibration lamps can be found here.