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Method for cleaning the Balzer pressure sensor

According to Niels Michaelsen, IJAF, this is the method for cleaning the NOTCam pressure sensor:

  1. Remove the traps and the hole disc in the inlet.

  2. Remove the M4 screw and clamp outside.

  3. Loosen more than 3 rev. the M3 screw on the outside.

  4. Remove the grey cover.

  5. Remove the 3pc M4 screws, be careful about the O-rings.

  6. Remove the small electrode in the centre and the O-ring/dist. ring below.

  7. Remove the Pirani brass sensor.

  8. Remove the big ring magnet.

  9. In a lathe machine: polish the stainless base inside with some fine grinding paper, polish the Penning electrode too. Don't keep the sensor on the white Teflon disk. Clean the whole disk.

  10. Bake all inside parts.

  11. Make a proper samplings again. Take care of the O-rings! Don't forget the light traps.