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When and how to fill NOTCam with LN2

It is the task of the person on duty to check the NOTCam temperature status and possibly fill NOTCam with LN2.
  • NOTCam should be filled when you get the email alert which is sent out to duty staff if/when the detector reaches a temperature above -193.0 degrees.

  • Instructions for How to fill NOTCam with LN2

More details about NOTCam filling

NOTCam should be filled every morning whenever it is mounted on the telescope to make sure it reaches operating temperature for the coming night. If you are observing, fill it before starting the notcam-calibs in the morning, and if you are supporting, fill it when you arrive at the telescope the next morning.

During storage NOTCam is kept cold by the PTR and regular LN2 fillings. Whenever needed, email alerts will be sent to staff that the detector temperature has reached the limit when it is time to fill LN2. This limit has been set very conservatively. If the PTR works well, you can typically wait until the next morning if the first email arrives in the early night.
NB! If the PTR is not working, you should act quickly!

You can check the NOTCam temperatures via the TMS monitoring on the web. Sensors 500-505.

You can also do ssh -l obs selena from any terminal using the usual password. Check the temperature and pressure log file with the command tail -f /home/software/notcam/NOTCAM_temp. Each minute four different temperatures and the pressure is updated. The first temperature is the cold table, the next is the outer vessel (typically reflecting the dome temperature), the third is the center wheel section, and the forth is the array temperature. The last value is the pressure in mbar.

Mon Apr  7 10:17:47 2003  1049707067  -201.60 3.80 -197.30 -196.30 4.16e-05

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