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NOTCam Opening

Logfile of openings.

  1. Print a copy of this checklist and check off each item as it is completed.

  2. Connect the motor controller to the instrument only by the Temp Cable, power on the controller and check that the temperatures inside (#1, #2, #3 and #4) are sufficiently high that NOTCam can be opened! It must be well above the dew point (see figure below).

  3. Place NOTCam on its blue trolley lift according to the lines, with the NOTCam entrance window to the right as seen from the table handle. Make sure the trolley lift is secured in the "working level" position.

  4. Remove the metal belts.

  5. Dismount the array controller box, but don't disconnect the cables, and place on the blue trolley next to the instrument. NB! Protect optical fibers.

  6. Roll NOTCam into the clean room after having wiped it free of dirt/dust on the outside. Wash hands well. Turn on the clean room fan only if the outside humidity is below 90%.

  7. Use wrench M10 to undo the 32 (?) nuts which keeps the lid on. Check carefully that all are removed!

  8. Hold an optical paper in front of the vacuum valve to avoid dust being sucked in, and carefully open the valve little by little.

  9. Connect the proved earth cable to the instrument and make sure the other end is clipped to a mains earth pin. If convenient also connect the mains power of the instrument to a socket but make sure the array controller is off.

  10. Make sure the Ionizer is running.

  11. NB! Put on gloves and anti-static wrist straps! (Do not touch any of the internal parts with bare hands.)

  12. Open up the entrance window front, piece by piece:
    - Dismount the entrance window (8 large screws)
    - Take care with the O-ring (it usually stays on the vessel)
    - Take off the insulation cap
    - Dismount the black-painted baffle plate (8 screws)
    - Dismount the goldplated spherical reflector (8 screws, don't touch the gold parts!)
    Put the pieces on the table in the clean room with optical paper between for protection. There are several small glass jars for the screws.

  13. When the entrance area is free, turn the two bolts (one in each diagonal corner) to carefully lift the lid a few mm off the cold table base.

  14. Then place NOTCam under the "hook" in the corner as far as possible towards the left wall (seen from the trolley handle). Lift the trolley and connect the eyebolt on the lid top to the "hook". Undo the safety pins on the trolley lift, and carefully lower the lift while the lid is left hanging from the hook.

    Two persons are needed to make sure that nothing touches on the sides. Free NOTCam from the lid and put it in a working-friendly place in the middle of the room. Secure the lift in the "working level" position.

  15. Make sure you have put on gloves and anti-static wrist straps before touching anything inside the instrument, including the radiation shield.

  16. Loosen the screws that fix the radiation shield. Two persons are required to lift it carefully off and place it safely on the top shelf.

  17. Remember to always to used the latex gloves and the earth straps when touching NOTCam inside!

  18. Dismount the getter with the three long wing screws. See photo of getter dismounted and the long wing screws.

  19. Use the special oven (stored in the clean room) to bake the getter. It should be baked at 140 degrees for at least 24 hours. Place the oven in the kitchen. Remove the lid of the getter by undoing the 3 hex screws on its side, and leave it in the clean room. (The lid has a paper filter that must not be baked.) Place the open getter in the grey, square tray and put it in the oven. Switch on the oven and make sure it is heating. Keep an eye on it.

  20. Clean the pressure sensor. It can be quite dirty.

  21. Leave the clean room fan running slow, with the ioniser running, and close the door when you leave NOTCam open inside.

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